How to give GREAT (not "good") tarot readings

Triple episode: It took 90 minutes to cram all of this in, including a few rants, but let's face it: too many of you read tarot books and never get anywhere near the results promised, or that you envisioned. How many of you are making over $10,000 a year just from readings?  

Even that amount is nowhere near enough to live on. If you want to make REAL money reading cards you have to be good. You have to be trained and your cards have to talk clearly to you; and they have to bee highly specific to your client's needs. Generic readings will never earn you a decent income, so we put out an episode detailing exactly what makes a great reading. I probably sounded a bit scoldy today (and I apologize). Becky was sounding a bit too generic in her advice and I think I have  cold. I needed you guys to get real answers and real help so that you can master this stuff. Your reputation (and income!) is on the line. If you master this, life is good. If you don't (like most people), then you become disillusioned. That is completely unacceptable. I hope you enjoy this lesson, but I guarantee that if you DO WHAT IS IN THIS LESSON you will give better readings than anyone you meet: anywhere; ever. 

Thanks for being here

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