Becky, Kelly, and I sat down and yapped for half an hour about how to blend cards. This covers exercises 8 and 9 from The Easiest way to Learn the TarotEVER!! and the first new exercise from Advanced Tarot Secrets.  We had a few unexpected moments where both Becky and Kelly showed me some real spine and illustrated how being a reader is more than just flipping cards.

This was a truly great lesson and I hope you get a chance to listen to it at least twice. I want to have these two on more, as they are smart, fun, funny, and easy to listen to. Please comment with any questions. Thanks for listening.

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Bah! It seems that everyone and their dog reads cards these days. Phone hotlines, readings by video cam, chat, email. Technology is not to blame, it is a lack of proper training. The bad news is that there are TONS of untrained readers out there making YOU look bad because they make the industry look bad.

The GOOD news is that this creates an opportunity for you to make $10, $20, $40, $50, even $100 an hour sitting on your butt, telling people your opinion. In fact, the very best readers in the world charge over $1,000 an hour— and they get it. In fact, some of them are booked solid for months. 

How can you do this? Well, that's what I rant about in this episode. I skipped last week so this was a double episode. Becky and Diane sat in as I talked about what too many readers do wrong, and the simple things you can do "right now" to stand out. This is free. You do not have to spend any money. Just do what it says in this podcast in addition to what you are already doing. Oh, and I mentioned my new book Advanced Tarot Secrets a few times. It comes out on August 7th. I am also teaching a master course on the tarot. 4 weeks of beginning stuff and 4 weeks of the super-secret advanced techniques the (real) professional use. 

Thanks for listening. Post your comments, please. :-)

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Becka is one of my private students who has been on her own for a bit and we sat down and just yapped about what she has learned and how she is doing with the tarot. This is an exclusive look at a real student who started as a beginner a few months ago and has made amazing progress. Becka is proof that YOU CAN DO THIS!

Highly enjoyable, I honestly think you will get a lot from this episode, especially if you are new to the tarot. Thanks for listening.

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Stacia is back with me for a while. Well I rant and Stacia gets a word in every once in a while. Patterns in spreads enhance the level of information in a reading but do not overpower the individual card meanings. We examine the various ways you will find cards interacting in noticeable patterns and what they mean. Rant about Kickstarter that can be skipped over.

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Oh my god! We had Robert M. Place on (again) and we dished up dirt on "Aleister ("Ed") Crowley, his narcissism, his genius, and his flat-out lies (pretty much everywhere).

We dug into the sordid past of Pamela Coleman-Smith and how she ended up with the Golden Dawn. All in fun mind you--we love our wayward heroes and heroines. This episode ran waaaay long. Robert has a wealth of tarot information and I want to know if you want more of the secret history of the tarot, and more dirt on Ed (Al) Crowley. Let me know what you liked and want more of. Thanks for being here! :-) 

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Hey gang. No guest or side-kick today. I sat down by myself and talked for just over half an hour about how the art of YOUR deck changes the meaning of the cards you are reading. A bit about tarot fundamentalism, which is a real problem and one that needs to be eradicated once and for all. The tarot is cool enough to stand on its own without needless dogma and regimentation that only ends up limiting your ability to give masterful readings.

So, 37 minutes of yapping about art with real life examples from various decks and how the tiny changes in art affect the balance of the deck and its ability to give you answers--it may not be you--it may be a poorly designed deck! Pretty decks do not necessarily make for better "working" decks. Thanks for being here. I hope to see you again soon. As always, let me know if you have ANY problems reading the tarot:

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I just sat down and went over some pages of notes. This is something that has been bothering me for some time. I see (alleged) tarot readers go online and ask strangers what THEIR readings mean. This is abysmal. It makes all of us look like amateurs.

The cards speak to YOU--not to some random stranger, but between the bad tarot books and people to cheap to hire a teacher or too lazy to actually study the tarot (yeah yeah I know: no one has time anymore, we live in an instant gratification worlddon't be so old-fashioned) this has to end. Now.

I hate being a curmudgeon, but being able to actually foretell the future is a skill, not a parlor trick. It is the lazy and the stingy (too cheap to buy a book or hire a teacher) who make us all look like superstitious idiots.

Pardon the rantthis episode is about how to avoid making yourself look dumb. It is a lesson that needed to be taught. Seriously, thanks for being here.

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Stacia and I sit down and answer the age-old question, "How can I be more confident when I am giving a reading to a stranger." This is a very relaxed conversation where we cover the mistakes too many readers make and the various antidotes. It is short and to the point but it really works. Please have a listen. If you have any questions just email me. Thanks for being here :-)

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Julie in Australia asked about reading the tarot for yourself, so I sat down with Diana, one of my mentees and we talked about it. This is a casual lesson. LOTS of info, but nothing to buy--no sales pitches, no infomercials. We cover some very important fundamentals you need to master before you can accurately predict your own future.

Asking questions about yourself has the problem of coloring the impressions you get. This can distort the meaning of the reading and provide you with useless information. So we teach you how to get past all of that, in 30 minutes. It's not that complicated but it does require actual practice of certain exercises designed to detach you from bad habits we all build up over the process of "life." A lot of it is knowing what questions to ask--and how to ask them. You really are your own best client, as you know the situation you are asking about intimately.

But to get clear, concise, ACCURATE answers you need to know how to do all of this properly. After you learn this PLEASE share this with a friend. We are here to help--and it is always free. We need your help in getting the word out. We need to rid the world of BAD tarot teaching. Get ALL of our free tarot lessons at Thanks for being here :-)

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Wow! Robert M Place! Author of several books on the tarot; creator of several decks, including the Alchemy Deck and the Vampire Tarot. This is a no-holds-barred look at where the tarot came from, how cards get their meanings changed, who the scoundrels and godfathers of the tarot are, and so much more.

I held Robert captive for an hour and grilled him about everything RELEVANT ("things you actually want to know"and how they affect *you*) about tarot history. Robert is an artist, a scholar, and a treasure of information. You really don't want to miss this. By the way, if you have NOT YET received ALL of our free easy tarot lessons, please sign up and start mastering the tarot! It's free, it is taught by the top experts in the world, and it is here:

Let us help you MASTER the tarot! (no gimmicks: but you have to study!)

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Kristin is a guest again :-) We had fun just creating an imaginary client and giving them a reading. This is an extremely valuable lesson on the roundabout spread and how to help your clients (or yourself) figure out "how-to" accomplish something--step by step, in minute details. I hope you enjoy it. Take notes if you don't have the book.

Thanks for being here :-)

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Kristin (one of my apprentices) and I sit down for a friendly chat of two-card pairings.

We bind two cards together to create various meanings (two cards--one meaning). We wanted to avoid highly personal issues that would be of little interest to anyone so as usual we picked on celebrities and news events. Not to worry, no real celebrities were injured (or insulted) in the process. Later did a quick run-through of the suit of Cups in a "family album style" where we looked at the images as if they were just strange pictures from a family photo book. We tried to figure out what the people were doing in each image.

These two exercises allow you to explore the tarot in real life without having to resort to long-disproven metaphysical hokum that has been ADDED TO the tarot over the years. The tarot is mysterious enough without us having to invent things to add to it to make ourselves feel special. The true master can understand the tarot like a fish understands the ocean, and tie card meanings and card blendings to real events in her life or for the people she reads for. Some people will not like this seemingly casual approach and will insist that old superstitions must be held to.

Oh boo hoo. All I care about is that you get the nonsense out of your head and let the cards talk to you. The tarot is nothing more than an alphabet the gods speak to you through. It is also such a good psychic muscle workout that over time you will depend less and less on the cards and become proficient at hearing the voices of the gods (metaphoricallynot "voices in your head"). Eventually the cards will be little more than a focusing tool and verification of what you divine. This is how we get thereand it is still free. But it is up to you to learn.

Thanks for being here :-)

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In this episode Jean and I go on for an hour and 17 minutes; mostly about reversals with a bit of graveyard trivia and a few minor rants. These suits are a bit depressing and I am dead-tired so the podcast seems to drag on. For that I apologize but it is full of information.

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Reversals again? Grr . . .

Reversals really cause people problems, so this week we are tackling them again with fresh insights on how they might appear. This is part one of a two-part podcast (the second part will be recorded tomorrow).

We cover what each card of the four suits of the "minor" Arcana could mean, but not the court cards as we have covered them and will cover them again, but in a different light. This is a short, 48 minute podcast that really digs into the problem. If you have your copy of The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEver!! you can even write in the back of the book (where we have provided a workbook section for each card). This will help you retain what you learn in this podcast.

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This is a live call I had with a few of my apprentices. It is raw and unedited, and you get to see how we interact when we are studying the intricacies of the tarot. At some points it is a bit ranty, as I have no tolerance for BS and lies that people spread about the tarot (mostly to make themselves look cool, mysterious, knowledgeable, or powerful). You can learn a LOT from this episode. I am posting it as episode four as I simply do not have the time to do a separate podcast this week. This is my birthday gift to you. I hope you enjoy it.

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Make sure you have your cards handy for this one—and take notes! We go DEEP into the CC spread and how card positions work together, fight each other, and how to figure out what a card means when it is being stubborn. You know when you have a spread cast and everything looks fine but one or two cards refuse to make sense?

We show you professional secrets of advanced spread readingbut of course we make it easy! You will learn how to untangle the meaning of ANY card in ANY spread. Please take notes, and please remember to sign up for the free lessons at Thanks for listening!

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In this episode we talk about court cards. This is a recording of a private lesson with a student. Please grab your court cards and follow along at home so that you can learn this easily and without stress. Be sure to have a pen to take notes with. Hop on over to and sign up for our free lessons so that you never miss an audio or print lesson, or any of our professional tips and interviews with the world's leading tarot experts. ALL OF THIS IS FREE so please take advantage of it. We are here to help you learn the tarot. So let's do it together.

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Cairelle Perilloux and Dusty White teach and discuss the Tarot and share fun, EASY exercises from Dusty's Tarot workbook, The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!!

This podcast is free and you can learn from it even if you do not have a copy of Dusty's book. It is designed for students using The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!! but you can follow along at home as long as you have a Tarot deck. We are here to help you learn and master the Tarot quickly and easily.

This is master-level work presented in terms even beginners can understand (and, we hope, enjoy!) This podcast is ALWAYS FREE and contains information you will not find anywhere else, explained by two people who know the hows and whys of magic and the Tarot. The format is long-form discussion and is casual and uncensored. The occasional expletive will find its way in our discussions (oopsie!) because this is real talk about real magic, real Tarot, and real life. We may occasionally (momentarily) tout my books, but other than that there are no sales pitches.

It is an educational podcast we hope you will listen to a few times and try our exercises for yourself so you can see REAL RESULTS in YOUR LIFE. Please comment or contact us as you like. Againwe are here to help. 

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You will learn things here you can't find anywhere else, and you will learn it from professional tarot teachers, famous tarot artists, published tarot authors. This is a free course on the tarot that also includes video lessons and written lessons to help you learn.

Learning the tarot doesn't have to be "work," and it doesn't have to be frustrating. The teaching style and lessons are based on my book The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!! The show is going to be a longform conversation between myself and students, or teachers or tarot artists, depending on who shows up. 

There are no cards to memorize here. There is also no tarot dogma or superstition. It's just a fun and incredibly easy way to learn the tarot at your own pacewhich will be very fast because this is a unique way of learning the tarot I have developed over the years. Please sign up to get ALL of our free easy tarot lessons at

If you have any specific questions on the tarot you would like answered on the air please just post a comment below. Thanks for listening. Please tell your friends about our free tarot course. We are here to help people master the tarot once and for all.


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