In this podcast, Mandy, Sally, and Dusty discuss what happens when your reading takes an unexpected turn.

Mandy recounts a recent reading she had. The client arrived stating she wanted to hear "anything". In hindsight, Mandy believes she should have managed her client's expectations at the outset, but she was already committed to the reading. Mandy endeavored to do the best she could with a client that did not want to be an active participant in the reading. Mandy cast an overview spread and read that spread only to be told by the client that she wanted to know about something entirely different. In an effort to provide the client what she wanted, Mandy focused on this new question and gave what she thought was an excellent reading. Afterward, the client revealed that a friend told her she should not disclose any information to Mandy. Further, the client expressed disappoinment with the reading. From Mandy's perspective, she felt like she was being tested as if she were a mindreader, which she is not. Mandy, seeing the client's disappointment, returned the fee and offered to do another reading at a later date. The client accepted the offer, scheduled a new appointment, and left. Unfortunately, the client did not return for the rescheduled appointment.

Mandy felt like she mishandled the matter and Dusty discussed his thoughts. Everyone agreed that managing your client's expectations early is the key to a successful consultation and offered strategies for accomplishing that. Client's often do not know what goes on during a reading, only knowing what they see on television or in the movies. It is best to explain the process to them up front and tell them what you can and cannot do as a tarot reader. Let the client know that the reading provides more actionable information when there is dialogue between the reader and the client. This isn't about fishing for information like a mentalist. It is about getting sufficient background information so you can understand what your client wants to know. If either client or reader are uncomfortable with the reading, it is okay to walk away from it.

In the end, Mandy did the right thing in dealing with a difficult client. We hope you enjoy this peek into what it is like to read for real people in the real world. If you liked this episode, or if you would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, let us know in the comments.

Thanks for being here!

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Today's podcast is geared toward beginners, but it is a good idea for experienced readers to listen in as well. Mandy and I covered some do's and don'ts of what a tarot reader should be doing and why.

We covered some basics like the importance of proper shuffling, focusing on the client, and other practices that are often overlooked by beginners. Whether you are just starting out or getting a refresher, it is super important to remember the basics!

Don't hesitate to leave feedback in the comments section! You can also ask us to do a future podcast on a tarot topic that has you stumped. Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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One of the big questions we have gotten lately, is how can you tell the difference between imagination and intuition while we are reading Tarot cards? Mandy and Sharon discussed this today in depth. They talked about how to tell the difference between the two, how to build your intuition, and how to strengthen your confidence.

This podcast is full of examples, great advice, and guidance. If you are struggling with knowing whether you are actually interpreting the divine or just "making stuff up", be sure to listen to this episode!

Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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There are a LOT of spreads to choose from these days. It seems that every 99 cent ebook or website wants you to use the author's "new spread" (usually a three or four card blob). And then there are the old spreads that have been around forever. But what if your client comes in and wants to know about their relationship, or their job, or the future, or how many kids they will have (and so on).

Knowing which spread to cast whenever you give a reading (so that you will get the best answers) can be confusing to new students. It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that there is a spread for every occasion and that all you have to do is shuffle and deal out the cards like it says in the book. But that road leads to bland, vague, inaccurate readings (just ask your clients a month later for a tip since you "did such a good job" and see how much they complain about how little your advice helped).

A MUCH BETTER way to get around this problem is to have a handful of spreads that you know *really well* and adapt them to meet your current needs. If you have a "how to" spread and an overview spread, and also a good "yes/no" spread or two, something for timing and a choice spread then you are good to go. You don't have to limit the way you phrase your question to what your client says. You need to talk to them anyway and find out what they really want to know, and this allows you to decide the phrasing you want to use. All of this is covered in today's FREE lesson! Please comment if you have any questions, and sign up for our free tarot lessons by email (seriously: 10 weeks of free tarot lessons from one of the top tarot teachers in the world, with no catch).

It's that easy. The rest is up to you. You have to practice—a LOT. No one becomes a great tarot reader by reading out of the book or doing one or two spreads a week. Let us help you become awesome.

Thanks for being here.

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We got a great question from one of the students by e-mail about interpretations of the cards. In this episode, Anita, Iris, Sharon and I discussed how we learn to interpret the Tarot without having to memorize keywords and phrases. It is important to allow the cards to speak to you rather than forcing them to make sense! This podcast will help you to be well on your way to understanding why and how you can do that. We also talked about the difference between saying whatever pops into your head and using your intuition. Complete with examples, you'll walk away from this podcast having a much deeper understanding of the Tarot cards.

I am here to make sure everyone who wants to learn the Tarot has a chance to do so. I am now offering a FREE live seminar where you can ask me your questions! Go to . . . to register FREE (no gimmicks, and no spam!) and come spend some time with me on Saturdays at 12:30 pm PST. I look forward to meeting everyone! And as always, I am here to help.


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In today's lesson, Sharon finally noticed that in the white book each card has an astrological quality. She wanted to know what the words fixed, cardinal, and mutable meant and how they apply to the Tarot. We discussed what each term means and then discussed exactly how they apply to specific cards. I showed her and Iris how to determine which cards were best for each term on their own so they could understand the true nature of the subject.

Understanding the astrological sign of each card in your deck is super easy once you know how (listen to today's lesson) and it involves looking at the image and understanding what the action is that is taking place in the image. Think of this as "additional information" to add depth and rich detail to your readings. It does not replace your intuition: it enhances it.

If you have any questions or would like to hear a podcast on a particular question, e-mail me at

Thanks for being here :-)

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One of our biggest personal questions as tarot readers is "what if I'm wrong?" We've all faced this at one point or another. Today I sat down with Iris and Sharon to discuss this serious topic.

This is a powerful lesson that tackles this issue head-on. We discussed possible reasons for feeling this way, the most important techniques for ensuring the best readings, and ways to develop your skill as a reader.

Please join us as we discuss this difficult but important topic. If you would like more free tarot lessons please sign up for our mailing list at If you would like to become one of the best tarot readers ever please consider taking our tarot course at - you can start learning for $1 (for the first month of lessons). After that class is only ten bucks a week.

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Triple episode! Manifestation and two reading examples

This is a super long extended triple lesson. We didn't mean to go long but there was just so much to cover. Becky started us out with a live update on her "financial freedom" manifestation. (Spoiler: It is working!) First tangible results are in -- 9 days later. Next there is a rant but within that are two powerful manifestation secrets not often taught.

Finally Becky and I both give mini readings on real-life events of the day. People have been asking to see how it is done, and we bare all (the fears, fopahs, and the genius) to show you two actual readings we did on the spot. All in all a solid lesson from which you can learn a lot. Please take the time to get through this. It will help you immensely. Thanks for being here :-)

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Tarot reversals made easy: part one in a series

This is an introduction to reversals from a real-world perspective. We introduced a new, simple exercise that will help you overcome ANY anxiety with reversed cards showing up in your spreads.



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