Today we yapped about the value of critical thinking in Tarot spreads. It helps to look at spreads like a recipe, since everyone understands the nature of a recipe, and why a recipe makes food taste better. The same holds true with your readings. No formula is required (or ever helps). But knowing what you are doing makes okay readings good, and good readings great. 

We went in depth on the CC of course, and got sidetracked as usual with lots of advice from the pros who are actually making money doing this. All of this is to help you become great; it all works, and we have proof. 

The tarot does NOT tell us what to do, it gives us an extra edge to help us know the best choice—and when we can help our clients approach the tarot like this we can get them MUCH better results. That's when they come back more (and pay more :-)

All in all, it's just another free tarot lesson and a rant about going to school. Hope you take notes :-)

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