This affects us all.

When Tarot readers, arms dealers, terrorists and travel agents have something in common, there’s a problem.

Even after being recognized by the highest of educational institutions, churches and the community, discrimination is still out there for the tarot reader! We’re even doing it to our own.

It’s time to lift each other up and build each other’s sense of self worth. There is NO abuse in the word tarot.

Join us at to find out how Mandy was able to overcome this issue on our forms. Until then, set your ego aside and listen in to find out what we can all do to avoid this problem starting today.

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Skwirl and Lesley discuss the elements of fire, earth, air and water associated the four suits in the Tarot. They look at the "traditional" book meanings; how they interpret each element; and how the multiple elements can be seen within a single card.

There is a complexity involved that only comes to life once you've spent quality time really getting to know each card. They even go through some examples of cards that contain several elements to show you how that complexity works.

Remember, everything you read in tarot books is just a guideline to help you interpret the actual image depicted in the card, and there are different viewpoints on which element is associated with a particular suit.

Don't get trapped by the key words of the elements! Learn how to view those elements as themes and how to recognize the other factors involved in each card.

Thanks for being here!


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