Wow! Robert M Place! Author of several books on the tarot; creator of several decks, including the Alchemy Deck and the Vampire Tarot. This is a no-holds-barred look at where the tarot came from, how cards get their meanings changed, who the scoundrels and godfathers of the tarot are, and so much more.

I held Robert captive for an hour and grilled him about everything RELEVANT ("things you actually want to know"and how they affect *you*) about tarot history. Robert is an artist, a scholar, and a treasure of information. You really don't want to miss this. By the way, if you have NOT YET received ALL of our free easy tarot lessons, please sign up and start mastering the tarot! It's free, it is taught by the top experts in the world, and it is here:

Let us help you MASTER the tarot! (no gimmicks: but you have to study!)

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