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Toda's session is not about card meanings or how to do spreads. Today I sat down with Nicole, a professional tarot reader in the tri-state aarea of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and we talked about things YOU should know if you are reading for a living—or if you WANT to get paid to read cards. This is a loose form interview, with some casual humor, and I hope you enjoy this session.

The point of sessions like these is to help yo bring thetarot into your daily life rather than restrict it to some "sacred space" where it gets used as often as yoru massage table or archery set. I want you to get answers from your cards. I want you to help other people with your cards. And if you want to earn a living, we are doing it and we want to meet you! My job is literally to help you succeed.

So please give this a listen, and if you need any help at all, we have a school at where you can learn and also study with other students. We have an extremely friendly tight-knit community, and we would love to welcome you to the family. Also, I have free workshops, but you know where those are.

Questions? Just ask!

Thanks for being here! 


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Summary: How to give GREAT readings — and what you need to avoid.

Hi again! Micki gave us a list of questions to answer. If YOU have any questions, just send me a note at and let me know you want us to answer them on the show.

Today we stepped back to examine what happens during a reading and some of the essential parts of being a *great* tarot reader. There is far more to this than memorizing card meanings or  formulas (like the Christianized Kabbalah or forcing numerology into the tarot). Some things work better than others, and some things just don't work.

This is why we do this series. This is why we give these lessons away for free. If the world is going to have better tarot readers, we need to train people the fine art of divination. It is work. It takes practice, and a skilled tarot reader is worth the $60 to $150 an hour that the "average professional" charges. The best readers in the world charge more than that—and are worth it—but they are hard to find as they already have exclusive clienteles and don't need to prove themselves to the rest of us.

In any case, today's session was filled with personal anecdotes on how to avoid many of the problems we see tarot readers committing over and over AND ALSO some things you should be doing that will make your readings better. 

We try to keep these sessions casual and fun, because mastering the tarot is a LOT of work. Lessons can be found at, so we want to be a bit more entertaining here. Thanks for being here!




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Today we looked at the four aces in tarot decks, using the line art from Pamela Colman Smith. The coloration of the art has been done by Gretchen Short.

Each ace in the tarot represents a beginning, something new, or an abundance—even just the raw material. All card meanings change due to the nature of the question and the context in which they appear. Still, there are solid guidelines ALL cards must adhere to.

This is a mystery school lecture provided free to the public in ways that anyone can understand, absorb, and verify for themselves. We do have a mystery school academy when you are ready for an affordable in-depth education in the ways of magic, astrology, and the tarot. We have the best textbooks on the subjects and even free live help from some of the best instructors in the world. Come to for all of this and more.

Thanks for being here! 



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Tarot Workshop series: Tarot Significators Q&A

Summary: Today we examine WHAT a significator is (for professional tarot readers, it is rarely a card), how to use one (or more), when to use one, and we cover what to do when cards sly out of the deck. LOTS of extras revealed along the way.


Q: How to tell if a card is upright or reversed when they fly out during shuffling? 

A:- Some readers refer to these cards as "Jumpers". 

- Usually happens when you're hyper-focused 


1. Discount statistics/law of probability. Just because something happens, doesn't mean it's divine providence, not everything is a "sign", if it is you will know it. If you miss it -- it's okay. 

2. Do we flip it, do we turn it? Most people turn the card over regardless -- because subconsciously we need to make order so we end up flipping the card upright to see what it is.

Mentions of the "no-spread" technique, for more advanced students. **

Additional notes: 

To get the most confidence out of this, stop for a moment, really focus on what you were thinking of the moment or prior to the card flipping out. 

  1. How does that card relate to that thought? 

  2. Does it make more sense if it were reversed versus upright? 

  3. If you can't find instant, clarity, resounding voice or sensation in your head of "this card is telling me this.. therefore reversed or upright makes sense". Set the card off to the side and keep going. 

Don't ignore the card, just set it aside. Continue to shuffle with that card on the back burner in your mind. 

Allow input from the peanut gallery, as long as the card that flips out does not stop you in your tracks midway and/or distract you from the rest of the reading.

How do we know if "jumper" card is meant to be reversed or upright?

  • You don't, but context helps fill in the blanks. How relevant is the card (in both angles) to the question at hand?
  • Until the card makes sense, don't stress out.

Q: Can we go over multiple significators, and when to use them? 

A: Okay so why do we use significators in the first place?

  • A Significator can represent "this is who we're reading about". Remember, if we have to memorize anything, memorize card position meanings, not card meanings.
  • It is one card that sits outside of the spread OR it is the first card of the spread specifically in the celtic cross. 

We don't always need it, sometimes it is a lot simpler without it — but really it's whatever works for you and the reading at hand.


When choosing a significator, preferably select one from the 2's to 10's, it provides more personality to the individual. 

Ask yourself...

  • Is this the circumstance the person is in, how does it relate back to the question?
  • Does this card match what this person is going through now?

Significators do not need to be tarot cards at all. 

The greatest significator ever is a photograph. Ever heard of psychometry?

Not to say that the tarot card itself is the actual person. Remember the Tarot is a tool to help your intuition. It's like Astrology, it's not about people's personality, it's a tool to help people answer questions. We just happen to be talking about people all the time.

We don't just assign or pull a random card as a significator. The significator is a grasp of who this person is in relation to the person asking the question.

If you don't have time.. just take a piece of paper, write KoS (King of Swords). Transmute, translate that KoS into a psychic image, your best guess to what "Bob" would appear like. Picturing Bob, or anthropomorphizing this description I'm given. I'm telescoping on Bob's energy. So that's a rundown of how or why we would use a significator.

-- Example -- 

A mother wants to know if her daughter is interested in marrying loser bob. In mothers mind, this guy is unacceptable or unworthy of her daughter. She's interested in knowing how it's going to go? She wants to know what's going on.

Simple answer is to do a "this or that" spread. This spread for Bob, that spread for the unnamed daughter. We're asking a central or overall question about how this relationship is going to be for each person. Because we're asking about people. 

When do you need focal points? Ask yourself that when using multiple significators. When information gets too convoluted, if you can't just do spreads consecutively, if you need to have multiple points of references, that is where multiple significators work. 

Q: Am I practicing the connection with the cards by using card per month and card per day?

A: A 2 card spread — Card of the month, card of the day. There's only so much you can pull out from one card. Sometimes we are asking too much with too little tools.

These and more questions were addressed her, live. If you have questions, show up and ask Dusty. To get in to our FREE live-help with Dusty White workshops on magic, tarot, astrology, and manifestation, go to! Its just that easy.

Thanks for being here. 

Continuing the series on card meanings, Dusty explores the Sun card by revealing the historical and metaphysical symbology incorporated into the card by AE Waite and Pamela Colman Smith. His exploration opens up the card giving it meaning beyond what can usually be found in standard sources. 

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Continuing their series on card meanings, Dusty and Sally explore the Judgement card and several of its potential meanings. Listen closely for Dusty's surprise about an upcoming project!

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Knights in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Pages in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Tens in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Nines in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Today we look at the fours in the tarot: what do they have in common? What sets them apart? How can the images help us know the right words to say in a reading? And all without memorizing ANYTHING.

When you are ready, join us at

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The sevens are all about individuals in conflict or confrontation. This is not their *only* meaning by a long shot, but it is a subtle theme we see play out in each of the sevens. Come listen in for more (free) tarot secrets as we make YOU a better tarot reader =)

When you are ready, join us at


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The sixes in the tarot have a unifying theme, after the discordance of the fives. Each card has one person dominant over others, and Waite's triangle motif is prevalent. Come listen for the rest of the easy ways to learn the tarot. Always free.

When you are ready, join us at

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Today we look at the fives in tarot. Five is an unbalanced number in the tarot and often destructive or antisocial, but how, and how is it also unifying? Come find out—free. 

When you are ready, join us at

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Today we look at the fours in the tarot: what do they have in common? What sets them apart? How can the images help us know the right words to say in a reading? And all without memorizing ANYTHING.

When you are ready, join us at


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Threes in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Master tarot card meanings easily with our new series. In this session we take a close look at the twos in the tarot to discover their secrets—all without memorizing anything.

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New series!

We are closely examining each set of cards to see what they are telling us *without* memorizing anything, and without forcing artificial formula into the cards. NO keywords, NO key phrases, and NO memorization. This new set of lessons is in addition to all of the instruction we have previously released on tarot card meanings, and this is unique original material. We hope you like it =)

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Stacia is back with me for a while. Well I rant and Stacia gets a word in every once in a while. Patterns in spreads enhance the level of information in a reading but do not overpower the individual card meanings. We examine the various ways you will find cards interacting in noticeable patterns and what they mean. Rant about Kickstarter that can be skipped over.

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Hey gang. No guest or side-kick today. I sat down by myself and talked for just over half an hour about how the art of YOUR deck changes the meaning of the cards you are reading. A bit about tarot fundamentalism, which is a real problem and one that needs to be eradicated once and for all. The tarot is cool enough to stand on its own without needless dogma and regimentation that only ends up limiting your ability to give masterful readings.

So, 37 minutes of yapping about art with real life examples from various decks and how the tiny changes in art affect the balance of the deck and its ability to give you answers--it may not be you--it may be a poorly designed deck! Pretty decks do not necessarily make for better "working" decks. Thanks for being here. I hope to see you again soon. As always, let me know if you have ANY problems reading the tarot:

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Kristin (one of my apprentices) and I sit down for a friendly chat of two-card pairings.

We bind two cards together to create various meanings (two cards--one meaning). We wanted to avoid highly personal issues that would be of little interest to anyone so as usual we picked on celebrities and news events. Not to worry, no real celebrities were injured (or insulted) in the process. Later did a quick run-through of the suit of Cups in a "family album style" where we looked at the images as if they were just strange pictures from a family photo book. We tried to figure out what the people were doing in each image.

These two exercises allow you to explore the tarot in real life without having to resort to long-disproven metaphysical hokum that has been ADDED TO the tarot over the years. The tarot is mysterious enough without us having to invent things to add to it to make ourselves feel special. The true master can understand the tarot like a fish understands the ocean, and tie card meanings and card blendings to real events in her life or for the people she reads for. Some people will not like this seemingly casual approach and will insist that old superstitions must be held to.

Oh boo hoo. All I care about is that you get the nonsense out of your head and let the cards talk to you. The tarot is nothing more than an alphabet the gods speak to you through. It is also such a good psychic muscle workout that over time you will depend less and less on the cards and become proficient at hearing the voices of the gods (metaphoricallynot "voices in your head"). Eventually the cards will be little more than a focusing tool and verification of what you divine. This is how we get thereand it is still free. But it is up to you to learn.

Thanks for being here :-)

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