There is a great deal of "hocus-pocus" surrounding the Tarot cards. We are here to help you determine what actually works.
Today we discussed some of the Tarot rituals that are taught in books and on the internet.

We covered questions like "do you need to cleanse your Tarot cards every time you cast a spread?" "How do you cleanse your tarot cards?" "How many times are you supposed to shuffle to cast a spread?" "What is the best ritual to do before casting a spread?"

There is no need to do lengthy rituals every single time you cast a spread! Especially when you have a long line of clients waiting for a reading. We explain exactly what is necessary to open that valve of intuition and to keep it open while you are doing a Tarot reading without bogging everything down with superstition.

We hope you enjoy today's podcast! Feel free to leave comments or ask about a question you would like to hear a podcast on!

Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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