One of the biggest problems that new and experienced readers face is their conscious mind interfering with a reading. This is what happens when you're trying to read and your brain nags at you "No! That can't be right!" or "are you sure?" This voice can be loud in the middle of a reading (and it usually is strongest in the first 5–10 minutes of every reading) but where it is most dangerous is when you never directly hear it, but feel the foolish need to rely on keywords or memorized meanings.

(Note: NEVER read tarot out of a book and computer apps are worse than useless—they make us believe that any computer has an intuition that knows what cards should come up for you “right now”). This audio lesson builds on the lesson of the Fool and the Yappy Dog that I teach in our course at

Mandy, Sharon and I tackled this one head on so we could help you get rid of that nagging voice and get in touch with your intuition. I explain exactly what it is and how to overcome it. I even let out a secret excerpt from Aphrodite's Book of Secrets. We discuss steps you can take to push that little mutt right out of your mind while you are working with your cards.

Please excuse some minor sound issues, but this podcast was just to good to scrap. It's full of advice you won't find anywhere else; and rest assured, no yappy dogs were harmed during the recording of this podcast.

Thanks for being here :-)

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