Julie in Australia asked about reading the tarot for yourself, so I sat down with Diana, one of my mentees and we talked about it. This is a casual lesson. LOTS of info, but nothing to buy--no sales pitches, no infomercials. We cover some very important fundamentals you need to master before you can accurately predict your own future.

Asking questions about yourself has the problem of coloring the impressions you get. This can distort the meaning of the reading and provide you with useless information. So we teach you how to get past all of that, in 30 minutes. It's not that complicated but it does require actual practice of certain exercises designed to detach you from bad habits we all build up over the process of "life." A lot of it is knowing what questions to ask--and how to ask them. You really are your own best client, as you know the situation you are asking about intimately.

But to get clear, concise, ACCURATE answers you need to know how to do all of this properly. After you learn this PLEASE share this with a friend. We are here to help--and it is always free. We need your help in getting the word out. We need to rid the world of BAD tarot teaching. Get ALL of our free tarot lessons at http://easytarotlessons.com Thanks for being here :-)

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