You will learn things here you can't find anywhere else, and you will learn it from professional tarot teachers, famous tarot artists, published tarot authors. This is a free course on the tarot that also includes video lessons and written lessons to help you learn.

Learning the tarot doesn't have to be "work," and it doesn't have to be frustrating. The teaching style and lessons are based on my book The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!! The show is going to be a longform conversation between myself and students, or teachers or tarot artists, depending on who shows up. 

There are no cards to memorize here. There is also no tarot dogma or superstition. It's just a fun and incredibly easy way to learn the tarot at your own pacewhich will be very fast because this is a unique way of learning the tarot I have developed over the years. Please sign up to get ALL of our free easy tarot lessons at

If you have any specific questions on the tarot you would like answered on the air please just post a comment below. Thanks for listening. Please tell your friends about our free tarot course. We are here to help people master the tarot once and for all.


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