House of White presents the first Pod Cast hosted by the well known Sharon Lewis (a.k.a. Skwirl). Sharon’s new podcasts will touch on issues related to Tarot in some way. She will also have special guests join her to add their unique view points to the discussion.

Tonight, Sharon will be discussing an issue that Nina Soul, co-owner of Spiritual Vibes & the Soul Sisters Inc., recently dealt with (Oct 2018) - A City Inspector was called to investigate her shop. Upon seeing a small Tarot readings sign, he proceeded to give her a ticket for not having a Fortune-Telling License.

Sharon and her guest, Sylver, will be discussing local laws, social misconceptions, the pros & cons of licensing and the requirements that some states in America have set.

Together, they discuss ways to remove the blight that con-artists have stained the Tarot community with, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

Thanks for being here :-)


p.s. If you have any questions about your local laws, be sure to look them up at your court house or on the web!


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