I just sat down and went over some pages of notes. This is something that has been bothering me for some time. I see (alleged) tarot readers go online and ask strangers what THEIR readings mean. This is abysmal. It makes all of us look like amateurs.

The cards speak to YOU--not to some random stranger, but between the bad tarot books and people to cheap to hire a teacher or too lazy to actually study the tarot (yeah yeah I know: no one has time anymore, we live in an instant gratification worlddon't be so old-fashioned) this has to end. Now.

I hate being a curmudgeon, but being able to actually foretell the future is a skill, not a parlor trick. It is the lazy and the stingy (too cheap to buy a book or hire a teacher) who make us all look like superstitious idiots.

Pardon the rantthis episode is about how to avoid making yourself look dumb. It is a lesson that needed to be taught. Seriously, thanks for being here.

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