When it comes to learning "card meanings", all the book learning in the world can't prepare you for it.  Every book out there has contradiction, completely different definitions.  

Mandy, Sally and Skwirl got together to help show how to look at the image of the cards to find your answers.  It is important to get to know each card in depth so that you can be prepared for anything.

We aren't presenting this as "written in stone".  But we'd like you to consider how they examine each card and come to their conclusions.

Here they explore the Ace of Cups!  


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As promised, we finally actually finished the ending cards sessions for the Tarot cards. Does this mean it's the end of the end? No way.  We aren't going anywhere.

Today we discussed ending cards from both the major and minor arcana. We looked at what makes a card an ending card, how they effect a spread, as well as their differences and commonalities. This examination equips a reader to understand the closures each provides and make it applicable to the outcome of the spread.

Thanks for being here :-)

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This podcast started out as a follow-up for ending cards. We wanted to go deeper into which cards fall in that category and how they are different. We did get into this lightly, but once we started started talking about the Death card, that's where we stayed!

The Death card is incredibly fascinating! This is one of those rare times we go so in depth for one card in the free podcasts. Be sure to take some notes!

Mandy, Sharon and I discussed some of the possible endings that the Death card could represent. There is some great insight here and much to help you understand this card that has been so misunderstood by social media.

We promise to get back on track next week with the rest of the ending cards, but there was just too much to say about the thirteenth Tarot card for us to squeeze it all in!

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