Mandy, Sally and Sharon got together to share their thoughts on the Four of Wands from the Waite-Smith Tarot deck. Although they do touch on some of the traditional meanings that you may find in books, they spent more time on the ways to interpret the card through the image. By getting to know the images on your cards and how they appeal to your senses, you are taking the first step toward flowing, intuitive Tarot readings that are never stilted or forced.

Throughout the next few months, you may see more sneak peeks of discussions of each card in the Tarot deck. We are in the process of making and posting all of the video for each card at So don't worry if you don't see them all here! They'll all be posted for free at the site.

Please feel free to post your comments below of what the Four of Wands says to you!

Thanks for being here :-)

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