Today's podcast is geared toward beginners, but it is a good idea for experienced readers to listen in as well. Mandy and I covered some do's and don'ts of what a tarot reader should be doing and why.

We covered some basics like the importance of proper shuffling, focusing on the client, and other practices that are often overlooked by beginners. Whether you are just starting out or getting a refresher, it is super important to remember the basics!

Don't hesitate to leave feedback in the comments section! You can also ask us to do a future podcast on a tarot topic that has you stumped. Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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One of the big questions we have gotten lately, is how can you tell the difference between imagination and intuition while we are reading Tarot cards? Mandy and Sharon discussed this today in depth. They talked about how to tell the difference between the two, how to build your intuition, and how to strengthen your confidence.

This podcast is full of examples, great advice, and guidance. If you are struggling with knowing whether you are actually interpreting the divine or just "making stuff up", be sure to listen to this episode!

Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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