Wow! Today we touched on a great many topics, some that were really advanced, so listen carefully and take notes!

We started out with an audience requested question. Remember, if you have any questions about reading the Tarot and would like to hear a podcast about it, we'd love to help you out! Today's question was what are the pros and cons between an e-mail and a live reading? Which are best? Who does what and why? We covered all of this as well as exceptions to the rule.

We also shared some stories about magical moments that happened during readings. We talked about Mandy's first dowsing experience. (Dowsing is finding a lost object with the Tarot cards). Sharon shared a story about a reading she did for Mandy, and I shared some stories about my own wonderful moments.

The podcast took on a life of it's own so during these two topics, much more was also discussed. We hope you enjoy listening and that you walk away with valuable information.

Thanks for being here :-)

P.S. The FREE nine and a half week course is available! There is no obligation and no money or credit card required for the value packed weeks of Tarot instruction. Join us at to get these free lessons.

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Many Tarot readers believe they should not read for themselves. In today's podcast, I discover that neither Mandy or Sharon are comfortable with doing self Tarot readings. We discussed what their blocks are and how to overcome them. We went deep into the whys and hows and even discussed when it would be better to get outside help.

The ability to read for yourself is invaluable. The difficulty is getting to the point of self-discipline to remove our personal biases and desires for the outcome. In order to do that, I give several tips and techniques throughout the show as well as exercises that will help. It was fun to hear Mandy and Sharon come through their barriers and get excited about reading for themselves!

We hope you enjoy and benefit from the show! Thanks for being here :-)

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Yes/no questions are tricky beasts. Many clients will ask "will (insert event here) happen?". We have to be really careful with this, because a simple yes or no answer can not only rob your client of any responsibility of the situation, but also of opportunity. In addition to that, most of the time, after the simple answer you are going to get "how?" or "why?" or "ask again". We are not Magic 8 Balls, we are Tarot readers.

Mandy, Sharon and I sat down today and discussed how not to get caught up in this trap. We talked about when simple yes - no questions are actually appropriate, and when they aren't (which is most of the time). In the cases when they aren't appropriate, we discussed how to get better questions, what types of spreads will not only answer the question but also give pertinent information to help the client acheive their goals.

Sharon and Mandy shared some brutal experiences that arose (before they were properly trained) from telling clients only "yes" or "no". We are here to help you learn from our mistakes and our experiences. Thank you for being here! :-)

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