Today we decided to share an actual group recording with you! This podcast will show you why studying with others is so very important. You've heard us talk about groups on other podcasts, so now you get to experience one!

We worked with just the Ace through ten of the coins (pentacles) and wands suits.

The new exercises were great fun so take note of them! This podcast will explain better than anything, the importance of being able to see the cards in different ways through the eyes of your peers.

Also, it's just plain fun! Bring a tissue, because you may laugh 'till you cry!  And thank you for being here :-)

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So many people only know of the Tarot as a divination tool. You would be surprised at all the many uses the Tarot has!

Today Mandy, Sharon and I discussed some of the many ways to apply Tarot cards. We talked about remote viewing, brainstorming, problem solving, dowsing and many more ways to put your cards to use.

It's amazing, all the stuff you can do! Join us today to see just how much more your Tarot cards can be!

Thank you for being here :-)

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