One of the biggest problems that new and experienced readers face is their conscious mind interfering with a reading. This is what happens when you're trying to read and your brain nags at you "No! That can't be right!" or "are you sure?" This voice can be loud in the middle of a reading (and it usually is strongest in the first 5–10 minutes of every reading) but where it is most dangerous is when you never directly hear it, but feel the foolish need to rely on keywords or memorized meanings.

(Note: NEVER read tarot out of a book and computer apps are worse than useless—they make us believe that any computer has an intuition that knows what cards should come up for you “right now”). This audio lesson builds on the lesson of the Fool and the Yappy Dog that I teach in our course at

Mandy, Sharon and I tackled this one head on so we could help you get rid of that nagging voice and get in touch with your intuition. I explain exactly what it is and how to overcome it. I even let out a secret excerpt from Aphrodite's Book of Secrets. We discuss steps you can take to push that little mutt right out of your mind while you are working with your cards.

Please excuse some minor sound issues, but this podcast was just to good to scrap. It's full of advice you won't find anywhere else; and rest assured, no yappy dogs were harmed during the recording of this podcast.

Thanks for being here :-)

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Intense audio lesson today: We examined what it takes to be a psychic detective and how important it is to have the right mindset when you are approaching detectives or law enforcement, what mindset to use to solve crimes and cases, and how they should view you (you need to teach them how to work with you). Quite a lot of detail here. Also: real-life examples of some HUGE predictions that played out exactly as we predicted and how we reached back in time to unearth information unrecoverable by other means. And a time or two that we wish we had recorded for posterity.

WARNING: There is an incident we cover in this lesson that might be disturbing to delicate minds: We deal with real-life issues and you should to. Cotton Candy psychics waste everyone’s time and money. In this lesson you will hear the true-life story that has recently happened to one of my students. She was trained properly and did her job, but it was about a missing person. She helped solve two capital crimes but was not consulted early enough to save a life. This is positive proof that we do our jobs better than Cotton Candy Tarot authors you may have read the books of. To protect the reader’s privacy and respect the family the names, dates and locations have been withheld. But this is real, and my job is to take you to this skill level if you apply yourself properly and persistently.

I can’t and won’t guarantee that you will reach this level of expertise, because you have to be trained properly, study intensely, and practice persistently. Please take no offense at this but there is just no way of knowing who will put the time and effort in until they show up. But it is nice to get word back from those who have done it and succeeded. It is people who sacrifice time, effort and energy to achieve greatness that inspire us all to try harder and do our best. I hope this lesson inspires you—but always remember, it is not how much money you spend on your education that makes you great—it is how you apply yourself. You can do this without spending any money (on me or anyone). Hopefully we (all of us who are here to help will make it easier for you to achieve true greatness.

Thanks for being here. As always, ask questions. We are here to help :-)

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