Iris, Sharon and I had a great discussion today of the philosophy of Astrology as applied to the tarot cards. This podcast is a great blend of Tarot and astrology even if you know little about astrology. We show how with just a basic understanding of astrological signs, you can get even more depth and meaning from the cards!

We determined the "Sun signs" of several different Tarot cards by examining the art and the information of each. We also talked about how those astrological properties could help in interpretation of the cards.

Tarot reading is highly intuitive and Astrology is highly intellectual, but using the two together works beautifully. In the white book (The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!) I list the qualities (astrological properties) of each of the "minor" Arcana cards as I have been an astrological professional and author for several decades. In this podcast we covered the basics to get you started. 

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