Becky, Kelly, and I sat down and yapped for half an hour about how to blend cards. This covers exercises 8 and 9 from The Easiest way to Learn the TarotEVER!! and the first new exercise from Advanced Tarot Secrets.  We had a few unexpected moments where both Becky and Kelly showed me some real spine and illustrated how being a reader is more than just flipping cards.

This was a truly great lesson and I hope you get a chance to listen to it at least twice. I want to have these two on more, as they are smart, fun, funny, and easy to listen to. Please comment with any questions. Thanks for listening.

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  • These podcasts are brilliant. I visualise what you are all doing. I have both books and I’m enrolled on your course. I’ve watched quite a few now they are invaluable Thank you so much

    posted by: Diane on 2018-07-02 11:50:55

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