Toda's session is not about card meanings or how to do spreads. Today I sat down with Nicole, a professional tarot reader in the tri-state aarea of New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, and we talked about things YOU should know if you are reading for a living—or if you WANT to get paid to read cards. This is a loose form interview, with some casual humor, and I hope you enjoy this session.

The point of sessions like these is to help yo bring thetarot into your daily life rather than restrict it to some "sacred space" where it gets used as often as yoru massage table or archery set. I want you to get answers from your cards. I want you to help other people with your cards. And if you want to earn a living, we are doing it and we want to meet you! My job is literally to help you succeed.

So please give this a listen, and if you need any help at all, we have a school at where you can learn and also study with other students. We have an extremely friendly tight-knit community, and we would love to welcome you to the family. Also, I have free workshops, but you know where those are.

Questions? Just ask!

Thanks for being here! 


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Summary: How to give GREAT readings — and what you need to avoid.

Hi again! Micki gave us a list of questions to answer. If YOU have any questions, just send me a note at and let me know you want us to answer them on the show.

Today we stepped back to examine what happens during a reading and some of the essential parts of being a *great* tarot reader. There is far more to this than memorizing card meanings or  formulas (like the Christianized Kabbalah or forcing numerology into the tarot). Some things work better than others, and some things just don't work.

This is why we do this series. This is why we give these lessons away for free. If the world is going to have better tarot readers, we need to train people the fine art of divination. It is work. It takes practice, and a skilled tarot reader is worth the $60 to $150 an hour that the "average professional" charges. The best readers in the world charge more than that—and are worth it—but they are hard to find as they already have exclusive clienteles and don't need to prove themselves to the rest of us.

In any case, today's session was filled with personal anecdotes on how to avoid many of the problems we see tarot readers committing over and over AND ALSO some things you should be doing that will make your readings better. 

We try to keep these sessions casual and fun, because mastering the tarot is a LOT of work. Lessons can be found at, so we want to be a bit more entertaining here. Thanks for being here!




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With computers and AI and soooooo much on TV, seriously—why should you bother learning the tarot? 

Isn't that old-fashioned superstition anyway? It sounds hard. Watching TV is easy. Watching TikTok is even easier (and more fun!). What good does it do to spend months (or years) developing your intuition, or learning what she old pictures mean?

Well, today one of my favorite students (Nicole) and I sat down and talked. I did this interview style, where I really grilled her (since she is a wildly successful NY/NJ tarot reader). We consider many of the ways you can use your cards "irl" to help you make LOTS of money (if you are into that sort of thing), help and heal others, and solve any number of problems. This is two successful tarot readers. I hope you enjoy it!

Write me at any time if you have questions, or just post a comment!


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Hey! What's it like reading professionally? Do you want to read for the public?

Today, Nicole and I sat down and explained EXACTLY what you should expect when you get a job reading tarot at a shop, or when you work a booth at a faire, or when you are reading cards at a (friend's) party. 

We also covered what to expect when you read at a tarot party. The problem was there was so much to tell you we probably didn't get to all of it. This podcast was only supposed to be 20 minutes, but it went for an hour! There is so much excellent advice from real, working professionals here — and this is FREE!

Of course this is brought to you by The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot - Ever!! That book is the best textbook for beginners ever written (read the reviews, talk to any of my students—I made this for you to LEARN after all), and by Advanced Tarot Secrets (the tarot bible for professional tarot readers). Seriously, that book has secrets you won't find anywhere. Go ahead and read parts of it for free on Amazon if you think I am lying.

So, in my quest to (die poor and) give you as much free professional tarot education as possible, I am back at work making more free audio lessons. Today's session is all about what you should plan for when dealing with bosses, clients, and other readers. The good the bad, and the ugly. We hide from no witch (or evil boss).

Listen to this lesson along with the one we just did on how to read professionally, and the episode on how to get LOTS of clients — oh, and the one on how to make $20 an hour right now, if you need money right away.

And while you are here, consider helping out! We need just ten bucks a week to keep the lights on. We will get you tarot study buddies, make you a member of our exclusive community, give you FREE ACCESS to live personalized help from me every Saturday, and also give you an entire master course on tarot, from absolute beginner to professional. 

All for just ten bucks a week (+ $4 to PayPal fees - once a month). We are here to help you. If you are at all serious about learning the tarot, and reading like a professional (accurately, helping others, and getting paid), come join us. Head over to and help us help you. In fact, you can even start for a dollar. Your first month is on us. Just one dollar gets you in.

Thanks for being here! (really)


Here's how to do it

Today I pestered two of my favorite students who are reading in shops, galleries, at parties, and doing LIVE  events every week! This is no joke, and there is no fluff! (We don't waste your time with fluff or thin content around here).

So annnnyway, I like asking my students and other professionals HOW THEY DO IT and what it's like, so that you get someone else's real-life experience other than mine sometimes. After all, this is just social proof that this works, and why you NEED an (affordable) education.

Simply put, if you want to read cards at a shop or read tarot at parties, or read at/host tarot parties, you need to hear these lessons. ALWAYS FREE because we are that f---ing good. Also, we do have an academy if you want a thorough education, and don't forget, you can study tarot with friends. We have tarot friends for you, but you have to make it to the study groups.

Join us! We love new family members. Stay with us a while and be a member of our community. Start learning here for ONE DOLLAR (for the first month -- and then if you stay it's only ten bucks a week to learn everything, and with friends!). Not a bad way to make $60-$150 an hour! Come find out!

We make this tuff fun!

Would you like a life of being paid to read tarot anywhere in the world? This is the lesson for you!

$20 an hour (cash, paid "right now" versus at the end of the week—or month) may not sound like much, but how many people do you know who get paid $20 an hour to read cards? Most people never will. That's who this lesson is for.

I was a bit ranty this episode, but please understand that I get people all the time whining that they can't afford $10 for tarot classes that will teach them to earn $60 to $150 an hour reading tarot. If you need money right now, you need to listen to this episode.

I take you by the hand and show you how to start with a deck of cards—assuming you are flat broke. This is not one of those "get rich" motivational guru scams, where they don't tell you that you already have to have a $10k investment portfolio or you need to have an assortment of resources before you actually turn a profit.

IF YOU HAVE A DECK OF CARDS, YOU CAN DO THIS — even if you are something of a crappy tarot reader. If you are already making $50 or $60 an hour consistently reading tarot, this lesson is not for you, and you should skip it. But for anyone who is not making at least $35 an hour working for some corporation, this is a GREAT WAY to add to your income, and even end up quitting your job in a few months, if you follow these steps carefully, consistently, and conscientiously.

Look: I can't guarantee you will make money any more than I can guarantee that the sun will rise in the sky tomorrow. Those two things are out of my hands. NO ONE CAN guarantee things like that, and if they say otherwise, they are lying. All I can do is give you the tools and instructions, and say "go get 'em, tiger!"

The rest is up to you.

But in this lesson, I lay out a step-by-step plan for you to start right now at $20 an hour, and quickly work your way to $30 and hour, and then $40 and $60 an hour. This isn't rocket science, but it does take effort and commitment. I will ask you one more time: Would you like a life of being paid to read tarot anywhere in the world? If your answer is yes, this is a great place to start. Another great place to start is to get in school!

LET ME HELP YOU by teaching you everything I know. Go to and give me a dollar.  That pays for your first month of school. After that, classes are only ten dollars a week (+ a small fee that goes to PayPal). STOP dreaming about being psychic, and get in school! 

Here are the podcast notes:

Make $20/hour Reading Tarot RIGHT NOW! (Dusty Podcast 1):
How to make $20/hour reading tarot right now! (Also pick up numerous repeat clients.)
This session is for anyone who can't give me $10 weekly to teach you. If you just gave one full reading a month ($48), that will grant you a month's worth of education.
Here's how to start attracting clients. All you need is a deck of cards.
  1. Get yourself a tarot deck 
  2. Start by giving 1 card readings. Price is $1 per card. Offering $1 readings. 3 minute timers.
  3. Alway be shuffling. shuffle while talking to the client. Then pull out 1 card, and then 3 minutes answer their question. Make sure you have a timer.
  4. When the timer ends, so does your reading. If they want more, they can pay.
2 card reading for $2. 2 minutes per card. 
3 card reading for 9 minutes.  
And so forth…
$1 readings may seem demeaning. But let's be clear, $20 is more than most people make. If you do a great reading, you'll get tips.
If you're giving a Celtic cross reading, and it's only $10 (which is a STEAL by the way!). You've got 30 minutes to sit and read. 
You want your client's jaws to drop further and further. People with money will want more than a $1 reading.
Your first 100 readings may be worth $500, as every reading won't be $1, you might end up averaging out to $5 per reading... 
After you've got some money, keep it up, but now its $1 for 2 minutes, etc. $3 for 6 minutes, $5 for 10 minutes. 
When your dance card is full, and overwhelmed, raise your prices again. Now you've also got repeat clients.
Consider selling PACKAGES.
A block of 4 weekly readings, 1 reading for 4 weeks -- give them a little discount. At the end of every reading, give them a business card and say… I’d like to help you in the future. 
When you do get paid to give weekly readings -- a very slight discount (not more than 10%). However, give them a little bit more time, give them an action plan, checklist.
Make the subtle transition, then they will put you on retainer with that client. They'll keep coming back. You've got 4 sessions to WOW them.
Right now, you are just using the common man as a personal psychic. When you've got too many people, you are raising your rates. Make them feel valuable, then they will pay you for the rest of your life. 
If they agree to pay you monthly, give you an extra reading every other month. Don't cheapen yourself for affiliates, or mega discounts, etc. Just farm organic clients
This is how to keep your clients coming back. Keep developing more skills that will bring them more value, year by year, the quality increases, you can always charge more.
Always give back to the community, and show the world you're a generous person with a generous soul!
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Today we examined the four "Two's" in the tarot, with a special appearance by the High Priestess. In this new series, we are examining cards in comparison to each other to see deeper into the meanings of each card, but also see the actual themes we find in the tarot, instead of the new Age fluff, lies, and BS people put up on websites and in cheap books to make themselves famous.

This is 100% mystery school lesson material but made for and presented to the general public, so it is easy to follow along. Thanks for being here. We appreciate you. Come to our free workshops, so that you can get YOUR questions answered by an expert:

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Today Dusty sat down with one of his students, moderators, and entrepreneur, Nicole Colella—and grilled her mercilessly on how she makes money doing tarot events: reading in shops and hosting her own tarot events. This all fresh, live and in real-time.

Nicole has an event coming up (spoiler alert: it went smashingly well, and everyone was happy and wants to do it again). Dusty gives her center stage and just lets her share her steps, methodology, and details on how she is doing this "right now." She is only one year into this, so you can do this too. This is not a story told by someone who has been doing this so long that the world has changed over the years.

Nicole is ALSO the author of a brand new book called "Kickstart Your tarot Business." This is a shameless plug and NO, we are NOT getting paid for this. Nicole knows her stuff, and she shares it succinctly in this book, which is highly usable as a checklist of things to do so you can focus on reading cards, and let your business handle itself (for the most part). In any case, this is the first in a new series of interviews with people who are actually doing it in the real world.

HOW DO THEY DO IT? And how can you?

Ready to make money with your tarot cards? Read like a professional. Also, we have free live workshops (currently three times a week) where you can come get help—live—from the top tarot instructors in the world. And just in case you are thinking it is only free because it is worthless, we ALSO have a two-year professional course on how to read tarot—from absolute beginner to corporate-level psychic.

Get in the free live workshops or COME TO SCHOOL and get a real education from real teachers at Thanks for being here!

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Today we looked at the four aces in tarot decks, using the line art from Pamela Colman Smith. The coloration of the art has been done by Gretchen Short.

Each ace in the tarot represents a beginning, something new, or an abundance—even just the raw material. All card meanings change due to the nature of the question and the context in which they appear. Still, there are solid guidelines ALL cards must adhere to.

This is a mystery school lecture provided free to the public in ways that anyone can understand, absorb, and verify for themselves. We do have a mystery school academy when you are ready for an affordable in-depth education in the ways of magic, astrology, and the tarot. We have the best textbooks on the subjects and even free live help from some of the best instructors in the world. Come to for all of this and more.

Thanks for being here! 



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Tarot Workshop series: Tarot Significators Q&A

Summary: Today we examine WHAT a significator is (for professional tarot readers, it is rarely a card), how to use one (or more), when to use one, and we cover what to do when cards sly out of the deck. LOTS of extras revealed along the way.


Q: How to tell if a card is upright or reversed when they fly out during shuffling? 

A:- Some readers refer to these cards as "Jumpers". 

- Usually happens when you're hyper-focused 


1. Discount statistics/law of probability. Just because something happens, doesn't mean it's divine providence, not everything is a "sign", if it is you will know it. If you miss it -- it's okay. 

2. Do we flip it, do we turn it? Most people turn the card over regardless -- because subconsciously we need to make order so we end up flipping the card upright to see what it is.

Mentions of the "no-spread" technique, for more advanced students. **

Additional notes: 

To get the most confidence out of this, stop for a moment, really focus on what you were thinking of the moment or prior to the card flipping out. 

  1. How does that card relate to that thought? 

  2. Does it make more sense if it were reversed versus upright? 

  3. If you can't find instant, clarity, resounding voice or sensation in your head of "this card is telling me this.. therefore reversed or upright makes sense". Set the card off to the side and keep going. 

Don't ignore the card, just set it aside. Continue to shuffle with that card on the back burner in your mind. 

Allow input from the peanut gallery, as long as the card that flips out does not stop you in your tracks midway and/or distract you from the rest of the reading.

How do we know if "jumper" card is meant to be reversed or upright?

  • You don't, but context helps fill in the blanks. How relevant is the card (in both angles) to the question at hand?
  • Until the card makes sense, don't stress out.

Q: Can we go over multiple significators, and when to use them? 

A: Okay so why do we use significators in the first place?

  • A Significator can represent "this is who we're reading about". Remember, if we have to memorize anything, memorize card position meanings, not card meanings.
  • It is one card that sits outside of the spread OR it is the first card of the spread specifically in the celtic cross. 

We don't always need it, sometimes it is a lot simpler without it — but really it's whatever works for you and the reading at hand.


When choosing a significator, preferably select one from the 2's to 10's, it provides more personality to the individual. 

Ask yourself...

  • Is this the circumstance the person is in, how does it relate back to the question?
  • Does this card match what this person is going through now?

Significators do not need to be tarot cards at all. 

The greatest significator ever is a photograph. Ever heard of psychometry?

Not to say that the tarot card itself is the actual person. Remember the Tarot is a tool to help your intuition. It's like Astrology, it's not about people's personality, it's a tool to help people answer questions. We just happen to be talking about people all the time.

We don't just assign or pull a random card as a significator. The significator is a grasp of who this person is in relation to the person asking the question.

If you don't have time.. just take a piece of paper, write KoS (King of Swords). Transmute, translate that KoS into a psychic image, your best guess to what "Bob" would appear like. Picturing Bob, or anthropomorphizing this description I'm given. I'm telescoping on Bob's energy. So that's a rundown of how or why we would use a significator.

-- Example -- 

A mother wants to know if her daughter is interested in marrying loser bob. In mothers mind, this guy is unacceptable or unworthy of her daughter. She's interested in knowing how it's going to go? She wants to know what's going on.

Simple answer is to do a "this or that" spread. This spread for Bob, that spread for the unnamed daughter. We're asking a central or overall question about how this relationship is going to be for each person. Because we're asking about people. 

When do you need focal points? Ask yourself that when using multiple significators. When information gets too convoluted, if you can't just do spreads consecutively, if you need to have multiple points of references, that is where multiple significators work. 

Q: Am I practicing the connection with the cards by using card per month and card per day?

A: A 2 card spread — Card of the month, card of the day. There's only so much you can pull out from one card. Sometimes we are asking too much with too little tools.

These and more questions were addressed her, live. If you have questions, show up and ask Dusty. To get in to our FREE live-help with Dusty White workshops on magic, tarot, astrology, and manifestation, go to! Its just that easy.

Thanks for being here. 

Continuing the series on card meanings, Dusty explores the Sun card by revealing the historical and metaphysical symbology incorporated into the card by AE Waite and Pamela Colman Smith. His exploration opens up the card giving it meaning beyond what can usually be found in standard sources. 

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Continuing their series on card meanings, Dusty and Sally explore the Judgement card and several of its potential meanings. Listen closely for Dusty's surprise about an upcoming project!

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Need more insight into The World card? In this episode, Dusty and Sally dig into this card, flesh out several of its meanings, and open up some of the esoteric knowledge hidden in The World's symbolism. 

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In this podcast, Dusty and Sally discuss what you should (and should not) do with a new tarot deck.

There are many superstitions about what you should and should not do with a new tarot deck. Dusty shares his tips (and GAMES) for bonding with your new deck. If you liked this episode, or if you would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, let us know. 

Thanks for being here! 

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In this podcast, Dusty and Sally discuss how you can tap into your intuition. Everyone has intuition. Dusty shares his tips on how to tap into your intuition. He also explores how to distinguish between intuition and imagination. With these tips, you can begin tapping into your intuition right now. If you liked this episode, or if you would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, let us know. 

Thanks for being here! 

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In this podcast, Dusty and Sally discuss how to give quick (5 to 15 minute) tarot readings. Normally, any decent tarot reading should take between half an hour and 90 minutes. But today, they focus on what you can do when time is limited. Most people just opt for a one, two, or three card reading; and that is poison. You might as well just stab your reputation in the face and call it a day. Three card readings are reserved for people you don’t like, don’t care to impress, or as add-ons to larger spreads. If you are exceptionally skilled, you can use them before you cast a larger spread, as a fact-finding expedition, or verification of known information. But the rest of the time you are just being lazy, so whenever you see people using three card spreads, look at them as amateurs who have never been trained properly. With these tips, you can perform real wizardry in just a few minutes. If you liked this episode, or if you would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, let us know. 
Thanks for being here! 

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In this podcast, Dusty and Sally discuss how to deliver bad news during a tarot reading. After verifying your spread, Dusty shares six more tips you can use right now to aid you in providing bad news to your clients. Remember, just because you don’t SAY something doesn’t mean it won’t happen. There is almost always some form of solution to whatever you may see. It may take resources, but your job is to find out how to get past, through, over, or avoid this obstacle, setback, or failure. And you can only help your client with this obstacle if you tell them about it. If you liked this episode, or if you would like to suggest a topic for future podcasts, let us know. 
Thanks for being here! 

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New game today! But also so much more. As we have to assume that "not everyone who hears this" will have read The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, there was the requisite amount of explanation of what games are in the tarot and why we play them, and a bit on exercises. But then we got to the game itself.

In this new game you are a hard-boiled detective taking an aggressive stance with your cards, asking them the "hard-hitting questions" your clients will (someday) ask you to answer for them. As your cards *talk to you* we need you to have a clear line of communication with them, and avoid predicting what the words will be by using tired old formula (Kabbalistic tarot card "meanings." and fake numerology meanings—these work *well* in cartomancy but not in the tarot).  Instead, we look at the IMAGES on the cards—which is why they have images in the first place. 

So, fun new game that forces you to look at the card and examine the personality of that card (or the characters revealed in that card). This will make your readings infinitely more accurate, precise, and fun (for you and your client). Today was really a mini mystery-school-in-abox. So much extra information. Please take notes!

And as always, thanks for being here!


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Seriously: Here is everything you need to quit your job in 2022 and read tarot professionally (for businesses, professionals, politicians, high net worth individuals [ rich people ], or at tarot parties for $100,000 a year, or more — or a *lot less* if you are not very ambitious or just want a job on the psychic phone lines. It really is up to you.

Short tight session today. Just the facts of what to do and what you need. hint: It will cost you less than $100 to go into business. But, you have to check your local zoning and licensing laws, depending on what kind of business you want to run. Here are some examples: 

Gig economy

Side hustles


Opening your own shop

Opening your own consulting business

Teaching anything (is a lousy way to make money)

Working with police (solving crimes)

Working with salvage operators (treasure hunters) and dowsers (independent oil wildcatters)

Consulting small business owners

Consulting career executives

Politics (there is always money being raised for an election

Working with authors and artists

Brainstorming your own ideas

Solving you own life problems with grace, skill, and speed

Any enhanced consultation services 

REMEMBER: You are NOT another fortune teller!

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Knights in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Pages in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Tens in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Nines in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Today we look at the fours in the tarot: what do they have in common? What sets them apart? How can the images help us know the right words to say in a reading? And all without memorizing ANYTHING.

When you are ready, join us at

Direct download: ETL_ADA_--_More_Sevens_and_the_Eights.mp3
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The sevens are all about individuals in conflict or confrontation. This is not their *only* meaning by a long shot, but it is a subtle theme we see play out in each of the sevens. Come listen in for more (free) tarot secrets as we make YOU a better tarot reader =)

When you are ready, join us at


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The sixes in the tarot have a unifying theme, after the discordance of the fives. Each card has one person dominant over others, and Waite's triangle motif is prevalent. Come listen for the rest of the easy ways to learn the tarot. Always free.

When you are ready, join us at

Direct download: ADA_ETL_--_The_Sixes.mp3
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Today we look at the fives in tarot. Five is an unbalanced number in the tarot and often destructive or antisocial, but how, and how is it also unifying? Come find out—free. 

When you are ready, join us at

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Today we look at the fours in the tarot: what do they have in common? What sets them apart? How can the images help us know the right words to say in a reading? And all without memorizing ANYTHING.

When you are ready, join us at


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Threes in the tarot. What do they have in common? How are they different? Join us for a few minutes as we cover exactly how to know what each tarot card means in readings—absolutely free. 

When you are ready, join us at


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Master tarot card meanings easily with our new series. In this session we take a close look at the twos in the tarot to discover their secrets—all without memorizing anything.

Direct download: ADA_--_The_Twos.mp3
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New series!

We are closely examining each set of cards to see what they are telling us *without* memorizing anything, and without forcing artificial formula into the cards. NO keywords, NO key phrases, and NO memorization. This new set of lessons is in addition to all of the instruction we have previously released on tarot card meanings, and this is unique original material. We hope you like it =)

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This is an essential lesson for anyone who has not attended our school. In one hour I cover the essentials of what you need to know and do to become a great tarot reader. Simple, straightforward advice from those who have done this for decades. When you are ready to get serious about being one of the world's best tarot readers please stop by and have a look at what we can do for you: 

Thanks for being here! =)

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Here's a sneak peek into our private study groups (not all of them are this silly, but most of them are this fun. If you sign up for our professional tarot course at you can join us in our adventures.

We make learning the tarot fun!

Okay, so in the meantime, this is just a behind the scenes look at some of the techniques we use to help everyone learn the tarot quickly, easily, and more thoroughly than any other course or school in the world (and we are one of the cheapest too!). Why? because we are passionate about metaphysics and we want to help you, not gouge you. 

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Aces are Easy! (Various things they can mean in a spread)

Iris was having a problem interpreting the Aces.  She had a hard time getting past the static image of a large hand holding something smack in the middle of the card.  She was also stuck on the traditional meaning of "New Beginnings".  We discussed how to get past the giant hands and really take a good look at the background.  We also looked at the elemental and astrological aspects each card contained. 

This podcast is a MUST for anyone!  We demystified the Aces and made them user-friendly.  Be sure to take copious notes!  This lesson goes in depth to help understand the Aces in ways you would never have expected. 
Please let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help. Thanks for being here and learning :-)
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How to ask better tarot questions

One of the biggest problems with tarot readings people get is that the clients are unsatisfied with the results they get. If they were as thrilled as we all like to think our clients are they would be coming back again and again. Repeat clients are the ONLY WAY to make a real living reading your cards and the only way to get REPEAT CLIENTS is to give them information so valuable, precise, and accurate that they come back and demand more.

To get this level of detail and precision you must ask better questions. This presents the problem of knowing what makes up a great reading and what it takes to get there. Your clients have not been trained. Fortunately, you have been. Your clients have been programmed by bad movies and bad advice from non-tarot readers, and even bad readings by amateurs. They are not experts in knowing what to ask and how to get the most out of their readings. This is why we made this specific podcast. 

Spend an hour with us and think about the concepts here. This is not a note-taking lesson: this is one that requires you spend some serious time contemplating the nature of your job and your interaction with your clients. If you do this: if you take some time alone (often) and really dig deeply into your interaction with your clients you will master a skill so few readers ever do—and one essential to being a god among mortals. You will learn to hear what people are saying behind their words and how to get people to open up so that you can better help them find the answers they need to their dilemmas. 

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How to get TONS of clients (to practice on)!


Iris wanted to know where to find people to practice reading on, as her family "does not believe in all of that rubbish" and she does not live in a major city. So I sat down for 78 minutes (wow! That is like "forever!") and we went over the psychology of getting people to read for, how to do it, where to do it, and then after that we went on for another 20 minutes on even more about where and how and why this all works.

This is MUST KNOW information and easily worth the cost of a private lesson (currently $90 for an hour), but because it is free you should grab a pen and take COPIOUS notes on all of this. Plenty of highly detailed analysis of why this all works and explicit instructions on how to do it. That and a few really crappy jokes but we couldn't help laughing. DO THIS. Then write me and tell me what you have questions about. Thanks for being here.


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How can you trust your intuition?

How can you trust your intuition when using your cards? how do you know that you are *right* and not just making things up? This is one of the most pressing questions every serious tarot reader asks themselves at some point in their studies, and the smart readers ask this often. 

Blind faith in intuition to magically make everything work is a recipe for disappointment and disaster sooner than later. Your intuition needs to be developed and shaped with practice and experience, just like your hands, arms, and legs. No one is born knowing how to walk and talk. We learn by trying and doing, and those of us who have a TEACHER or a coach (think gymnastics here please) end up a hell of a lot more skilled than people who try to figure everything out for themselves. This is why I have a course, and this is why I give away free lessons. No one should try this at home untrained.  

In this lesson I sat down with a lovely student (Iris) and we discussed the various things that need to come into play for you to be able to reach the point of trusting your intuition when you are out there in the real-world giving real readings to real people who expect accuracy and detail. Forget any crappy readings you have had in the past. This lesson is where the rubber meets the road. THIS is what separates the charlatans and amateurs from competent tarot readers. Best of all we get this done in around 30 minutes. Please let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help. Thanks for being here and learning :-)


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Every tarot card in your deck has a "sign" and in today's lesson we show you how to find out what that sign is and how to understand it in the context of a reading. Lori sat in on today's lesson and helped out. We looked at the basics of astrology (qualities and elements) so that we could better understand WHY and HOW each of your tarot cards has a special and unique meaning. Nowhere else (that I know of) is the astrological value of each tarot card laid out in simple, factual, and carefully verified detail.

All of this comes from The Easiest Way to learn the Tarot—EVER!! at the back of the book, and if you ever have any questions you are always welcome to email me and ask. I will do what I can to help you master all of this. 

Understanding the astrological sign of each card in your deck is super easy once you know how (listen to today's lesson) and it involves looking at the image and understanding what the action is that is taking place in the image. Think of this as "additional information" to add depth and rich detail to your readings. It does not replace your intuition: it enhances it. Thanks for being here :-)

Let me know how I can help make this even easier for you.




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The Celtic Cross spread is an overview spread that shows you all parts of a situation in ways that smaller, less coordinated spreads can't. When you learn and master this amazing spread (and all of its hidden spreads, patterns, and themes) you can get 3-5 times MORE INFORMATION than you normally could. This is three to five times more info than any other tarot reader you meet.

Also, you can VERIFY the accuracy and poignancy of the CC spread *before* you open your mouth and start making predictions. This saves you time, sanity, and your reputation. I sat down to discuss all of this with Andrea today. We went 30 minutes, which was a bit longer than the new format, but it is good, solid information and a reminder to learn and use the Celtic Cross for most of your spread questions.

This starts a new series of podcasts designed to help you stretch and grow your abilities in anticipation of professional training. Thank you for being here with us. I am ALWAYS here to answer questions. Just email me. 


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How to double your accuracy in a reading

The main focal point of this lesson is on opening up cards and "clarification cards." We cover when to open up cards and how to do it to get the results you want (enhanced clarity, greater accuracy and much more detail. To this end I covered a lot of ground on what to do before you get to this point (needing to open up cards) and how to make the most of it when you do.  

Other things covered in today's free tarot lesson include what spreads not to open cards and how to silence the inner doubt and nagging voices inside your head while giving a reading. All in all these techniques (just in this one free lesson alone) will help you double your accuracy and detail level in a reading. 

 If you are serious about mastering the tarot I have extended the $5/week ($2.50 per 90-minute video lesson essentially WITH forums, study groups, study buddies, and community access) special for a while due to a previous screwup with the sign-up process. You do not want to miss this.This is a$3,000course that you can grab for $220, and you only have to pay $5 a week (no  downpayment required). 

 If you have any questions just post them here in the comments section.

Thanks for being here.


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How to cast more accurate spreads: pre-spreadwork and shuffling

Shuffling is an underrated art in tarot readings. Too many people assume that it is done a few times or that you hand your cards over to your client (as if they will know what to do with them). This all sounds nice in "New Age tarot 101" class but it is in fact a crippling way to remove any accuracy or precision from your readings. In fact, if you like random cards that have NOTHING AT ALL to do with your client's question or circumstance, this is the method for you.

Alternatively, we can do our pre-spreadwork properly (shuffling, focusing, talking to ourselves/our client, listening for the "ding" . . .) and by doing this we can get MUCH BETTER answers. And that is what this lesson is about.

There is no way I could cover all of this in 40 minutes so this is just a shot of information to improve your skills "right now" with an invitation to come learn ALL of what you need to know to become a kick-ass tarot reader at our academy. Right now we have a $5 special: $5 a week for three lessons/week (two 90-minute video lessons and one 60-minute audio), and forums, and study groups, and study buddies. You really should check this out:

It will change your life.

Anyway, thanks for being here. Please post any questions.


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Court cards and Froot Loops!

In today's lesson we take a new look at court cards. April is a talented reader with no small amount of experience, but court cards were presenting their usual problems, so we went ahead and dove into that. Along the way we covered how to get your client to communicate more effectively and honestly with you, what types of psychic abilities you have, and why Toucan Sam is so much cooler than the Trix rabbit.


We closed out with a new exercise to help court cards make sense in any situation and how your practice with your cards will make your mediumship capabilities skyrocket. 

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How to read "the scary cards"

Dyan is new to the tarot but she had some advanced questions. This lesson was just going to cover how to read without bias but we went in several different directions. Over the course of this lesson we covered various ways to understand court cards. Mostly I was pointing her to the existing set of podcast lessons specifically dealing with court cards. I also gave her a quickie overview of the method we use in the academy to instantly understand court cards in any spread.

From here the lesson just squirreled all over the road. We had a short discussion on reading for animals, fish (whales specifically), and how this corresponded to reading for people. I also ended up covering various aspects of reading on a professional level, even if you are new. A few admonishments of how to correctly practice and the lesson has run 40 minutes.

This was a much different lesson. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for being here :-)

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Exercise 4: How to do it

Dawn was having trouble with exercise four from The Easiest Way to learn the Tarot—EVER!! Going from one card to another in a linear-time fashion can be problematic if we are doubtful on the meanings of cards, or worse: if we have memorized fixed meanings for each card.


So, in today's lesson we took time to go through exercise 4 several times, slowly and carefully working our way through various possible meanings. Along the way I showed Dawn how to better understand the cards in her deck, and as a last minute bonus we covered a special technique on how to master court cards in any situation. I hope you enjoy this lesson. It is simple but has great value. Thanks for being here :-)

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How to blend cards in a reading

Vera was having issues with seeing overall patterns and the hidden inferences in the spreads she casts, so we sat down and worked through this. In today's free audio lesson we look at how cards interact in a spread.

This is a very deep subject and one that cannot be covered in-depth in a 30-minute session, but we were able to get to the core issues and do a practice run where we designed an impromptu spread to solve a real-life problem. Along the way we figured out how to overcome Vera's personal concerns (the reason for the spread) and at the same time help her understand the method of blending cards, finding similarities and tensions between cards in a spread to flesh out the deeper answer to the question at hand. This is a powerful lesson and one I hope you will enjoy. It has great information to help you master your cards and become a truly gifted reader. Thanks for being here :)

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Real life spread advice: spread accuracy, court cards, yes/no questions

Today's lesson has something for everyone. What happens when you are reading a spread and your bias gets in the way of the message? How can we know when that is happening and how can we stop it? How do we know when we are reading the future versus our current state? What if things change? We need to be able to give ourselves and clients ACCURATE information, not "good for now, until it changes" information. This is what we cover in today's free audio lesson. We also cover a bit more on court cards (we can never seem to get enough of that) and how and when to use small spreads for best effect (yes/no spreads, 1, 2, and 3 card spreads).


Today's lesson covers several topics and it lasts about an hour. It covers a lot of ground that will help you become a MUCH better reader by indirectly correcting most mistakes readers make. Good habits come from this lesson. I hope you enjoy it. I will have more free lessons soon. Dusty.

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The "this or that spread" in the white book is a handy tool for quickly deciding who to vote for, whether to have pizza or chicken, or what movie will suck less when you are faced with a date-night prospect. We all encounter choices and conflict in life and "this or that" readings are invaluable in helping your clients solve their problems quickly and easily. 


The problem is that it gets a bit confusing: with the advent of a "this of that spread" how can we get more information and are we stuck with that one spread? Lori wanted to know what her options were in decision spreads and this lesson covers, in great depth, how to choose or alter a spread to create the best reading to resolve conflicts and make decisions. Of course our cards don't make decisions for us, but like any form of divination we are reaching out to the divine and asking for guidance. YOUR SKILL at talking to the divine (with the help of your cards as clarification devices) will determine the quality of your assistance (to your clients). This means that my job is to help you get better at what you do; hence this lesson.


We start off answering the question about this or that spreads in general, and in detail, but then move on to help Lori (and you) get more accurate and precise information from your cards in every reading you do. I hope that you enjoy this lesson and learn a lot. Please post any questions that you have. Thanks for being here :-)

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How to ask BETTER questions when casting a spread (so you get better answers)

The quality of the question you ask when shuffling your cards (before you deal out a tarot spread) will determine how clear your answer will be. Too many readers fail to ask a question: They leave it up to their clients to "think about what they want to know" or they just use the exact question their clients ask. As a result the readings they give leave their clients disappointed, and when these readers are tested by government or employment agencies they fail miserably. The primary purpose of THIS LESSON is to help you avoid embarrassing yourself and hopefully prevent you from being sued for fraud. 

You MUST ask great questions if you expect to give answers that have value and meaning to your clients.  It is not a difficult skill, but there are some factors to consider, such as what spread you will be using to best answer that question, and whether this is a preparatory question to get information before you ask your main question, or whether it is a follow-up question, and so on. These are many tiny parts of divination that go unnoticed to the uninitiated, and MY JOB is to initiate you: to help you understand the nature and methodology of divination so that you can then go accomplish your own miracles. I can't do the work for you but I can teach you what I know in ways that make sense so that you can go get your own experiences. 


This class is a bit rambly, as it went on for 90 minutes (it was supposed to be 20), but I wanted to help Taura, who is quite new at the tarot, and the chance to get some "free" time with me is impossibly rare so I made the most of it. Please take notes and use the knowledge you will gain from this lesson to make your own readings more clear and accurate. Thanks for being here. If you have any questions please post them in the comments area(s).

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Astrology and the tarot - how to use astrology to make your readings MUCH better

Astrology can make your tarot readings more accurate and precise. You don't need to know much at all about astrology to get great results, but the more you do know the more you can charge your clients for the same information. Astrology allows you to see through your clients and their circumstances. It greatly clarifies what your cards are telling you and puts an end to vague readings. With just a little astrology in your reading you can double your skills as a tarot reader literally overnight. In this lesson you will learn how to do that and what to do to become great. Best of all, none of this costs any money at all. You just have to do the work. 

The sound quality on the intro (just 30 seconds) is pretty bad, but after that the recording is exceptionally clear. Please take notes (this information is invaluable) and thanks for being here. Post any questions you have in the comments area and I will do my best to answer them quickly. 

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Do this and get 3-5 times MORE info from your tarot spreads

Seriously: How to get 3-5 times MORE INFORMATION from the spreads you cast than any other reader you meet.

Today's free lesson is on the exact steps necessary for you to dig deep into a spread and pull out *all* of the information the cards are trying to tell you; not just the surface material most readers accept. This is a long lesson (just over an hour). I was tired and wanted to go 20 minutes, but there was just too much that needed to be said. It is worth making your way through to get the step-by-step techniques, as there are several basic but necessary points along the way that make the difference between a blah reading and a fantastic one.

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Roundabout spread questions answered

The Roundabout spread is an amazing tool for your divination and manifestation use. It is second to none in its usefulness to you because of its combination of simplicity, complexity, and raw power. But to non-astrologers it can be daunting and intimidating at first. Andy was having problems with this spread so we sat down for half an hour and worked on understanding this spread. This material is not covered in The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! or Advanced Tarot Secrets. It's a quick, short lesson that should help bring this spread down to earth and help you dive head-first into it so that you can increase the value you can give to your clients; which increases your tips, and how much they feel you are worth (your rates go up and people happily pay). 


The most important part of being a reader is to be correct AND helpful. You don't need to have the answers to every question, or a solution to every problem. Your job is to listen, divine (seek pertinent and applicable information of value to your client), and guide, based on your findings. Then your client can take your advice or not; but that is their choice. Therefore I do my best to help you develop your skills and give you access to better tools that will help you communicate more effectively through your cards. I hope that you find this short lesson helpful, and I am always here if you need help becoming a world-class reader.


Don't forget that we have a course that will take you from absolute beginner to adept in ten months (this allows you LOTS of practice time without having to cram your head full of lessons so fast that they do not stick). We only get ONE CHANCE to make *this* life great. Whatever you do, do it sincerely and with gusto. If you are here to learn the tarot, we are here to help you. Thanks for being here :-)

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Do spies use the tarot? (Here's how!)

Spies, spying, remote viewing, seeing into the distant past, finding out what is going on in board meetings at your competitors. Matt wanted to know: can you do this with the tarot? You really have to ask the NSA, CIA, and KGB about all of this (and "private contractors" ;-) because we don't teach spying around here. I have no desire to end up in a gulag! But, this is how we imagine it would be done. 

Remote viewing is a hot topic in metaphysical circles, and the tarot, as a divination tool "was made for*" remote viewing (please don't call it spying--it sounds creepy). So, support your local government, stay in school, and get your ass to (insert your favorite church, temple, or sanctuary here) every Saturday, Sunday, full moon (etc.) and be a good citizen. In the meantime, here is how to "see places" others can't.

The audio lesson covers a LOT, but the course at Easy Tarot Lessons . com covers it all (and it is in Advanced Tarot Secrets. You should take notes. But until you do, here is a free mini-lesson (extra information you can use right now!). Remote viewing (or RV) is a disciplined act that happens spontaneously to pretty much everyone at some point in their lives, and most often it is subtle and not very clear. Also, it happens in dreams or when something "assaults" us (a vision flashes into view). Some people recognize this as a gift they have, and others may see it as a strange event and shrug it off. Without proper education (and LOTS of practice) it is extremely hard to rely on this, but not impossible. Here are a few pointers to get your abilities up to speed (you will need to practice these a lot): 

Focus. You need to be able to hold your focus and not be distracted. This is not the distraction from outside (noises, shiny objects . . .) but the internal chatter of your brain, and the whims of a short attention span. Obsession is a powerful tool that builds focus, but it is one most people misuse, so it gets a bad rap. Adding a (small) dose of obsession or intent emotion to your focus makes it easier to stay on topic (mentally). Next, Always start with some small thing you can anchor yourself to in a remote location. This will be something you can come back to over and over. This part is easy, as we all do this naturally; but by doing this consciously and consistently you can strengthen your abilities quickly. This one exercise will help you in a LOT more ways than just RV, but that is for later. Right now just focus on objects that you can use to remember specific locations, circumstances, and events. These will most often be visual, but any sounds, or smells you can add help tremendously.

Next I would like you to build a strong focus on an object that you can move around. Give away something you have significant emotional attachment to and a strong sense of (sight, smell, perhaps sound). You should be able to remember this item easily and conjure up the essence of it any time, anywhere you are. Do this with several objects and use them as anchor points for your RV exercises. Bring them into focus (in your mind) and expand your awareness slowly to envision what is next to them, what they are sitting on, and the temperature where they are (hot, warm, cool, cold; also wet, damp, dry), and whether there is light there or not. This is not "easy" but it is worth the effort if you are resolute on developing a powerful visionary ability. Your cards can help, and this is what this lesson is for (and why we have a complete course on using your cards for all kids of fun things. Start learning for one dollar

Questions? Just post a comment! Thanks for being here.



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How to know when your cards are right

The most important moment of casting a spread is knowing when to stop shuffling. This is a scary thing if we think too much about it because even one shuffle too much gives us completely random cards. Some people think that we need to let our clients shuffle the deck and cut, or tell us when to stop shuffling, or just shuffle the cards 6 or 7 times. If ANY of these things actually worked we'd all be millionaires, because clients would force money on is to answer all of life's most pressing questions. Unfortunately none of those method work, so today's free lesson is all about how to know when to stop shuffling your cards.

When you are preparing to cast a spread (to answer a question) you need to have a question in mind, and you should be shuffling. LET THE GODS DECIDE when the cards are right. Never think you are smarter than the universe, and never try to force the cards to be in order just because you don;t want to shuffle any more, or you are getting nervous about how long it is taking to get your "ding!" of awareness that the top cards are in the right order. Stretch out your senses and extend your awareness into your cards while you are shuffling. Do this with the intent of "feeling" the answer in the form of the cards you need (for your spread) being in the right order. Shuffle, cut, shuffle, shuffle . . . you will feel it closing in. Then you will get a "ding!" (like a tiny bell) of awareness that the cards are "just right" for this spread.


So, how do we get there? Well, if you have been practicing the exercises in The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets or if you have been taking the course here, then you will be well on your way to knowing all of this. BUT, if not, today's lesson will help. It runs about an hour and I gave Laura a few different examples and techniques, all of which work amazingly well for my students. So I hope that you enjoy this free lesson. Please post any comments that you have, and thanks for being here.

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How to give GREAT readings (without bias)

Here's how to cleanse yourself of bias or personal judgment when giving a reading. We *all* do it. We are reading a spread and our brain wants to add its opinion. It wants to use "logic" (tainted by all of our years of life experience) to explain the cards instead of allowing our intuition to channel in the information from the divine. In today's lesson I sat down with Tania and helped her in a free one-on-one personalized tarot lesson to help her become a better reader. All of my tarot academy students get one of these this month.

Please listen in and take notes if you can, and have your cards if possible. We examine how to use exercise two to emotionally distance ourselves from the circumstances we read about so that we STOP tainting our intuition with personal bias. This is a powerful lesson and it reveals a simple exercise that will banish bad tarot reading habits from you quickly and easily. If you would like more free tarot lessons please sign up for our mailing list at If you would like to become one of the best tarot readers ever please consider taking our tarot course at - you can start learning for $1 (for the first month of lessons). After that class is only ten bucks a week. Thanks for being here.

P.S. Don't forget that when you are reading a spread; for yourself or someone else ("client," friend, family member, random stranger etc.) it is far easier to actually help them (and give them extremely precise answers) *if* you talk to them. Don't ever let your clients (querents) treat you like a vending machine (insert coin - get answer). Imagine that you are having coffee with an old friend. Relax your awareness to that state and use that as your center, your focus. From there direct your conversation to find out what they are REALLY asking, not just the superficial stuff they are muttering. When people come for a reading they are almost ALWAYS suspicious, scared, or skeptical, which makes them hide information and intent. How can they possibly tell you what they are after unless they relax a bit? Help them relax and the truth will come out, and then you can relax and read for them. Don't judge your clients (see today's audio lesson) and simultaneously help them relax their judgment and defensiveness about you. Do this ONE THING and you will find your readings are clearer and easier, and the answers to their questions flow from you far more accurately.

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Want to win the lottery right now? Here's how to pick numbers with your tarot cards

It's official: Wednesday's Euro lottery is over 50 million euros and America's "Power Ball" jackpot is a mind-blowing $1.3 BILLION! It is time to show you how to grab some of that cash for yourself. Screw you hard-working billionaires! I made my fortune overnight!

So, how to win the lottery. That is the question everyone is asking. Well, today Becky, Leslie, and I sat down to show you exactly how we plan on doing it. This is the most exact step-by-steep methodology using the tarot I believe you can find anywhere; and it is free. I didn't want to hand you a pre-formatted system of "just do this and trust me" picking winning numbers, so I walked you through a small part of the research I have been doing. I wanted you to see how we came to these conclusions, and how they represent the most stable and credible method of translating tarot card images into lottery numbers. The process of picking lottery numbers using your tarot deck is a LOT easier than trying to explain it, so don't let the explanation of it all scare you off. You will need one or two decks, depending on how complicated your lottery system is. All we talk about today is how to win the lottery. If you have any questions, or if you try this out, please email me ( and let me know how you did. THANK YOU for being here! :-)


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Triple episode! Manifestation and two reading examples

This is a super long extended triple lesson. We didn't mean to go long but there was just so much to cover. Becky started us out with a live update on her "financial freedom" manifestation. (Spoiler: It is working!) First tangible results are in -- 9 days later. Next there is a rant but within that are two powerful manifestation secrets not often taught.

Finally Becky and I both give mini readings on real-life events of the day. People have been asking to see how it is done, and we bare all (the fears, fopahs, and the genius) to show you two actual readings we did on the spot. All in all a solid lesson from which you can learn a lot. Please take the time to get through this. It will help you immensely. Thanks for being here :-)

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In today's lesson you will learn how to manifest a GREAT new year. This lesson draws from many free lessons already available to you, and you get to listen live as I help Becky start the process of manifesting exactly what she wants in 2016. This isn't the most entertaining episode, but the value of what you will learn here is priceless. 

Imagine taking control of your destiny with nothing more than a deck of cards (scraps of paper with ink on them) as a tool to help you connect with the divine. What would you want from the new year? What is your Christmas wish? What is your New Year's resolution? WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE OF? We can help, and we do that here today.

This is a long lesson, and we start in with some of the preamble. Becky and I were just having a conversation and instead of restarting the call we just started the lesson, including the previous conversation. It may sound a bit rambly to one or two of you, but that's okay, because *no one else* will teach you this, and certainly not for free. Thanks for being here. How can we help?

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How to ask great questions and which spreads to use to answer them

Triple episode!

Becky and I sat down for 90 minutes and discussed how to ask GREAT questions and know which spreads to use to get them answered. I ranted a bit, as usual, about the state of the industry and how YOU can make this a better world by being a better reader than what we see in the world today. And that is what this episode is all about. Today's lesson is about making the tarot make sense for you, and for your client. Asking GREAT questions and knowing which spread to use in any situation is the foundation of being able to "wow!" your clients and actually make a living from this.


PLEASE TAKE NOTES: There is a TON of goodies in this free tarot lesson. Thanks for being here! :-)

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How to give GREAT (not "good") tarot readings

Triple episode: It took 90 minutes to cram all of this in, including a few rants, but let's face it: too many of you read tarot books and never get anywhere near the results promised, or that you envisioned. How many of you are making over $10,000 a year just from readings?  

Even that amount is nowhere near enough to live on. If you want to make REAL money reading cards you have to be good. You have to be trained and your cards have to talk clearly to you; and they have to bee highly specific to your client's needs. Generic readings will never earn you a decent income, so we put out an episode detailing exactly what makes a great reading. I probably sounded a bit scoldy today (and I apologize). Becky was sounding a bit too generic in her advice and I think I have  cold. I needed you guys to get real answers and real help so that you can master this stuff. Your reputation (and income!) is on the line. If you master this, life is good. If you don't (like most people), then you become disillusioned. That is completely unacceptable. I hope you enjoy this lesson, but I guarantee that if you DO WHAT IS IN THIS LESSON you will give better readings than anyone you meet: anywhere; ever. 

Thanks for being here

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How to give GOOD tarot readings - every time

TRIPLE EPISODE! I will apologize in advance but we went on for just over 90 minutes today. There was simply too much to cover. Becky and I sat down and covered point-by-point how to give readings better than the average reader you will meet on the street. We were supposed to also cover how to give GREAT ("amazing, spectacular--name people's future children after you") readings but we literally ran out of time, so we will do THAT next week.

Please take notes and DO THIS. This life is not a practice session. I rant about that at the end, but it is essential learning material. There are simply too many readers out there who are improperly trained and it shows in the fact that so few people actually pay to get readings. Out of 7 billion people on the planet less than 1% ever get serious readings, and even less on a regular basis. Rather than fighting for scraps I want you to read constantly for people who value your information, pay (and tip) you well, and tell their friends how great you are. I want you to be famous for your abilities. Please take this lesson to heart. 

Thanks for being here. We are here to help YOU :-)

Dusty & Becky

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Red light / Green light: Tarot reversals made easy

Becky and I sat down in this super short podcast (I was really tired today) to play a new game I am calling "Red light Green light." It is a super-easy way to trick your subconscious to helping you quickly and easily master reversals. The problem MOST people have with reversals is that they freeze up because their intellect (yappy dog) is busy telling them it is something different from what they memorized the card to mean. Our techniques (in The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and in the tarot course at rid you of these bad habits, but for everyone else here is a simple fun game.

The whole lesson is less than 20 minutes, with several minutes of us playing the game so you can see how it is done. If you have any questions simply post a comment and I will reply. It really is simple and easy. The important thing is that you do it of course and get LOTS of practice. Don't give up, and keep it fun or you will get stressed or bored with your cards, and there is no sense in that. Also, I am here to help. Thanks for being here!

-Dusty :-)


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Trumps: A casual discussion of what they are and how they came to be

The "major" Arcana cards don't have to be problematic. We sat down today and just talked about the trumps, what they are, how they came to be, and why. We take the mystery out of the trumps in this episode. It is a bit lecturey and not as interactive as our normal happy fun episodes, but this is serious stuff, and we want to help you get past any emotional or psychological roadblocks that are preventing you from mastering the tarot. So, with that in mind, I hope you enjoy today's lesson. Homework appears near the end.

We make the tarot make sense.

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"major" Arcana Made Easy! (new fun game)

Learning the trumps sucks! For too many people it involves endless bouts of depression and frustration, sprinkled with anxiety, as the so-called "major" Acrana (trump cards) are mystified, deified, and glorified, as if theys omehow hold secrets mere mortals aren't supposed to know. The truthis that TAROT IS LIFE, and thus life is tarot. Your tarot cards simply reflect what you see all around you in daily life - every day, so why should trumps (or "major" Arcana cards) be any different?


Becky and I sat down and tried out a new game that I invented last night on the fly. It won't win any awards for game design but it will help you master the "major" Arcana quickly and easily. It is even kind of fun and you get to insult just about everyone as it involves making fun of celebrities. Try this game out a few times. If you have done your basic exercises (from The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!!) this should be easy-peasy. The hard part is relaxing enough to have fun and not taking it so seriously that it stresses you out.


Please let us know if you have any troubles with this one, as it is not set in stone or anything. It's just a fun game to help you become a better reader. by the way, school is only ten bucks a week at should you ever decide to do this professionally. We are here to help you make a living doing this. Thank for being here. Comment below.

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Tarot reversals made easy (Series 3 of 3) New fun tarot game: "The Worst Day Ever!!"

Reversal suck! Well, they don't have to; not any more, not for you. We have a new fun tarot game for you today that will help you quickly and easily remove any lingering apprehension to reversed tarot cards. And, as a bonus, this game will help sharpen your wit, conversational skills, and story telling abilities. The tarot is an incredibly useful tool for building communication skills. This is often overlookd by all of the nonsensical superstition people pile on top of the cards. 

Becky and I sat down and tried out a new game I devised to help you get over any fears or hesitance about reversed tarot cards. We had fun and I hope you will too. This game draws from various exercises and games taught in in The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, specifically Freinds & Enemies, Mob Scene, Exercises 2 and 4, and the never-ending story. 

Thanks for being here. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Dusty :-)

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Tarot reversals made easy (Series 2 of 3)

Special double length episode today: Reversals-only exercise from Advanced Tarot Secrets. Today we used an exercise from ATS called "Mob Scene," which is a variation of Friends and Enemies, but all of the cards were reversed. This allowed us to clump and bump cards together and against each other in a common sense fashion, just like we see every day in real life.

This is an intermediate-level exercise that allows you to work on several of your developing tarot skills all at the same time with minimal effort. Becky and I played off of each other, and I hope that you will do this in groups of 2-3 people as well, but you can just as easily talk yourself through it in solo practice sessions. If you haven't signed up for ALL of our free lessons please head over to and sign up for the mailing list. We will let you know when new audio, video, and written lessons are available. Also, we have paid course (just ten bucks a week) that will take you from absolute beginner to professional over ten months. This is the most advanced and effective tarot teaching inthe world. Let me know how we can help you.

Thanks for being here :-)


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Tarot reversals made easy: part one in a series

This is an introduction to reversals from a real-world perspective. We introduced a new, simple exercise that will help you overcome ANY anxiety with reversed cards showing up in your spreads.



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Tarot court cards: Knights (Double episode!)

Knights in a tarot spread are a major source of confusion among tarot students and professionals alike. All too often readers refer to them specifically and uniquely as young men, or young men and women, in a spread. This creates a huge roadblock when you are trying to answer a question that has nothing at all to do with people (of any age). 

Beacky and I sat down today and we looked at the various ways that knights can, and do, show up in tarot spreads you cast every day. Knights can reflect a setting or circumstance as accurately and easily as they can point to events, motivation, rate of progress, speed of travel, or tge attitude of the people involved in your reading. 

Knights are much more than simple "men on horses." In is audio tarot lesson we cover many ways of looking at these cards and relate them to real-life events and circumstances we have experienced to help you thoroughly and completely understand what knights are in ANY tarot spread you cast, and what any court card means whenever it comes up in your spreads.

Thanks for being here. Please post any questions as comments.


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Queens in the tarot: How to know exactly what ANY queen means in EVERY spread you cast

Double episode today! Becky and I sat down and looked at what queens mean in various real-life spreads, the traditional meanings, as locations, as personality types, as metaphysical energies, and how to know what meaning to use for any spread you cast. Much more than a "this means this and memorize that" lesson; this episode goes in great depth about queens in practical ways that actually apply to YOUR spreads.

We didn't talk about generic meanings or how to identify which woman each queen its. We examined and sorted out how to know what a queen means when she comes up as an answer to the questions you ask. This is all centered around the exercises and games in the two tarot books (The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, but as a free lesson you can't beat this episode.

This is the counter-balance to our Kings only episode last week. I hope that you will enjoy that as well (even thought it is MUCH shorter). Post any questions you have. We are here to help you.

Thanks for being here :-)


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How to make sense of Court Cards (kings) beyond the "traditional tarot meanings"

So, you are reading for a client (or a friend, relative, someone at a party . . .) and a king shows up in the middle of your spread, much like a giant boulder appearing in the middle of the road as you are driving late at night. What do you do? How do you make sense of a court card when what you really want is a nice descriptive card with someone doing something in a scene that makes sense?


Becky and I sat down and discussed the kings in the tarot and how they show up in real-life readings; and what that means to you. We looked at the traditional meanings, and then in great detail went into the various meanings kings have when they show up - but more important: how to know what a king means no matter what spread yo cast and what question it is answering. The purpose of this lesson is to help you overcome any resistance to court cards; the same resistance most people feel all too often. Along the way I probably managed to insult the monarchy, but no offense was intended, as it was just brash American views on the whole of reality. 


Take notes on this lesson and see how you can use these amazing cards (kings) to enhance the spreads they appear in, and how they can answer so much more than the stock meanings you read about in basic tarot books. We teach you to see through the card images and into what these mean to you. Hopefully you have a copy of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! and Advanced Tarot Secrets, as these two books will help you decipher all of this and master the craft of divination in ways no other books anywhere are capable of. Thanks for being here. Please post any comments or questions you have.



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Making the court cards make sense

Becky and I sat down to take a fresh look at the court cards, and along the way came up with new exercises and methods to help you rid yourself of bias based on preconceived notions of nobility and titles, and how to see through your card's meanings and images. This podcast starts out rather mundane, and as we go along we explore new concepts and ideas that will become future lesson material.

This lesson will help you stop looking at kings, queens, knight, and pages in the tarot as random people, icons of authority, and messages. It will help you grasp their essence so that you can apply any court card you come across in a tarot spread you cast to the question at hand, easily and effortlessly.

Once you have listened to this podcast you should never look at court cards (and possibly Trumps) the same way ever again. This lesson will open your eyes to the processes we all use to interpret cards, but that we never see. As you experience this lesson a veil will be lifted form your awareness and you will know exactly what it is that causes so many people trouble interpreting the tarot, and how to rid yourself of that curse. Yaay. 

Thanks for being here :-)

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How to demystify hard to understand cards

Becky is back! (again) We sat for an hour and discussed "hard to understand cards," and I showed you guys several ways to permanently end any problems you have with cards and what they mean, in practice and in real-life readings. Nothing is worse than not being able to decipher what a tarot card is trying to tell you, whether it is in practice, or you are reading a spread for a paying client. If you ever want to make real money reading the tarot professionally, you have to know what the cards mean to you in each and every reading you give. Cards change meanings from spread to spread because 78 keywords just can't answer all of life's questions. 

This is a complex lesson, so you may want to listen to it twice. Please take notes, as this lesson will help you rid yourself of linger doubts to your ability to make sense of any cards that show up in practice or in your spreads for clients. Post any questions you have by simply commenting on this episode. For the convenience of our private students, this episode will also be posted on the academy website at

Thanks for being here :-) Dusty


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Dusty's Daily Predictions #2

Hey gang, Sarah and Michael sat in again and we cattily chatted about celebrities and looked at whether the show would go well or not, why the "Olsen Twins" are not in it, and a few other things. The lesson here is how you can use your cards in a fun way to look far beyond the normal boring questions you get every day (and a few interesting but personal ones) - and go into the public arena. I want you to stretch your awareness of what you can do with your cards. Our academy costs you ONE DOLLAR to learn the tarot (1st month only). If you stay past a month, it goes up to $10 a week. All of this and more and so much more is taught there. The first month is to give you a sample of the video lessons. Come have a look here!

As to Fuller House, we didn't have a great feeling for it, but maybe you will. If you do cast a spread on it, or other TV shows, let us know! We would love to hear what you have to say. 

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Dusty's Daily Predictions #1

Oh no!

Everyone's favorite friendly superstar millionaire celebrity just got G on Apple! When taylor Swift infers that you have acted in a greedy and selfish way it cuts pretty deply. Within hours of her VERY public post (and the mini-media frenzy over it) Apple reverses its decision and everyone is happy. All is right in the world.

. . .  or is it?

We tackle this issue. What does this REALL mean in the real world? Will artists REALLY get paid full royalties (by everyone - this is not about Apple; it is about the industry as a whole), or will this fade away from public view and return the usual "artists being screwed perpetually by record labels and online services?" Will Apple force everyone else to treat people fairly (wow! Apple for global karma police)? And what about authors? Authors have no TS to help us - but does it really matter?

We take a look and make fun of everyone involved. Other than that this is just another leson on how to read tarot cards. We do our best to make all of this easy. Hopefully we made it fun as well.

Thanks for listening! :-)


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This is a recorded session from our private study group after a long class earlier in the day. Today's classes were all about court cards. This is not the usual stuff you read about and hear - even in my classes. This is pro-level material we practice, and with students at the beginning of their journey. Take notes, and listen to this one a few times. JOIN US at: 

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This is a recorded session from our private study group after a long class earlier in the day. Today's classes were all about court cards. This is not the usual stuff you read about and hear - even in my classes. This is pro-level material we practice, and with students at the beginning of their journey. Take notes, and listen to this one a few times.  JOIN US at:

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This is an easy way to do a yes/no spread with the Tarot. Sometimes you just need a yes or no question answered, and you don't want to have to cast a three car blob spread and "hope for the best" or do a larger spread. These yes/no spreads work best ONLY IF you have established a bond with your clients - they are not a substitute for shuffling and casting larger spreads. Fore best results you want to use these AFTER you have cast your main spread and your client has (their usual) endless follow-up questions.

Click here to learn the tarot like a professional FROM a professional for $5 a week. (Limited time offer)

This is a recorded session of me sitting down with a handful of my private students in a small group environment going over day one of class. We already had the official lesson for the day, so this was us spending two hours practicing what we learned. This allows us to get real-world experience with our cards. 

These do not normally get released, but I want you to have the benefit of understanding why tarot academy is so important, and to get to sit in on a real lesson that others have paid hundreds of dollars to attend. I hope you enjoy this. Bring your cards, as you will want to play along at home. This session is broken down into two sessions. This is session 2.

Thanks for being here.

Dusty :-)

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This is a recorded session of me sitting down with a handful of my private students in a small group environment going over day one of class. We already had the official lesson for the day, so this was us spending two hours practicing what we learned. This allows us to get real-world experience with our cards. 

These do not normally get released, but I want you to have the benefit of understanding why tarot academy is so important, and to get to sit in on a real lesson that others have paid hundreds of dollars to attend. I hope you enjoy this. Bring your cards, as you will want to play along at home. This session is broken down into two sessions. This is session 1.

Thanks for being here.

Dusty :-)

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These are the very basics every reader should know before casting spreads for clients. These are non-obvious points that sound basic and boring (even to me) but they are the foundation of great readings, and so many readers screw this up on a subconscious level that our industry is plagued by mediocre readings and mildly-satisfied clients. if our clients were as happy with us as we like to think they are, they would be beating down our door. This series is designed to help you get to that point, so please take notes. More next week. Thanks for listening. Ish appeared on this show. 

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Ish, Loreen, Sarah, and I sat down and studied a new variation of Cards in Position; an exercise that was giving all three of them problems. Along the way I was able to find small but deadly mistakes each of them was making - things that would poison their ability to give expert readings in the future.

This is an ADVANCED TAROT SECRETS lesson, so be warned; it may be confusing if you have not read that book (this is your cue to buy it - it's only 22 bucks). Nonetheless, this lesson is free, and thanks for being here. We have a TON of new stuff coming at so please join our (always free) mailing list to get ALL of our free lessons - not just the podcasts.



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This is another private study group where we turned on the microphones to let you see what we teach in our mystery school and how. This is a tiny sampling of how we prepare our students to read professionally in real-world environments. This is not your run-of-the-mill set of tarot lessons from some random website. This is for people who want to escape the traps of rote memorization and simplistic readings by forcing artificial systems onto the tarot.


Leave that to the chumps. If you are reading this you should be listening to all of our free lessons, and I would advise trying out our private school where you can master the tarot far beyond the training you can (or will) get anywhere else. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to provide it here. Thanks for listening. Never give up.



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I sat down with a group of students and covered exercise 2 and exercise 10. This is a "how to do it" example lesson from the course taught by the author of The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!! If you have the book and need help, this lesson is for you. Thanks for being here :-)



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Becky and I sat down for 25 minutes and I went into the directions and the tarot, a quickie primer on the elements in the tarot, and warned of the fallacies of arbitrarily assigning artificial systems to your understanding of the tarot.


WARNING: Explicit language. This is a no-holds barred lesson.

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Becky and I sat down and started to go through The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!! 


Episode one was unlistenable, so we are starting with episode two. You will want to have your copy handy for easy reference. This FREE series will help you learn the tarot fast.

Direct download: becky2.mp3
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Barbie has never read my books; not in a library, not in a store, and she has never bought one. But she did watch the free videos lessons I put up on YouTube and Vimeo, and listened to all of the free podcasts (audio lessons).

She has been able to make progress and in this lesson she and I get some one on one time to help her pass other readers in her growing abilities. Mark the date of this. You will be seeing Barbie again. She is going to become a truly great reader, and more. She just needed a little help getting up to full speed.


Don't let her pass you. Keep studying, keep listening, keep practicing. Let me know how I can help you more than I already do.

Direct download: Barbie_lesson.mp3
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I sat Becky down and grilled her on what she has learned over the last ten years, and what she wished she had known "back then" to save herself a decade of mistakes.

This is real advice from someone who has your best interests at heart. We know how to read, and we know what to do wrong, and exactly how to do it, because we have made the mistakes you will, before you get a chance to make them. Too many readers (and you probably have met some of them) make the very mistakes we talk about in this episode. Please take notes, learn from this, and let us help you become a MUCH better reader in a very short amount of time. New tarot course is coming in a few weeks. This will be the only chance to learn from e directly and to personally interact with me. You can ask me anything and I will do my best to help. Free podcasts will always be provided whether you take any courses I offer. Thanks for being here. Post any questions you have. :-)

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This episode is the second in a series I am doing while the new super-tarot site is being built. I am sitting down with a few private students and helping good readers become great readers. Today, Becky and I sat down and talked about the Roundabout spread, and how it can save you time and sanity when dealing with clients. This is material from The Easiest Way to Learn the Tarot—EVER!!, but it is something most readers never learn. This will help you get more clarity and accuracy from your spread, and help you satisfy your clients far more than anyone else. I must apologize for the mic I am using. I hate it (in hindsight).

That being said, we did cover some specific instances in which a Roundabout spread is a great alternative to the Celtic Cross when you want highly specific answers, and not just a general overview of what is going on. When you need to dig for answers, there is no better spread—and none more reliable—for finding out REAL answers than the Celtic Cross. It can be case as a future event, past event, you can dig up all kinds of dirt on what is going on somewhere far away. It is great for assistant your remote viewing and establishing a basecamp of information before proceeding further by refining your questions and using various specialty spreads. That is nice, but the weaknesses of the CC are that it is not much of a predictor on future events except for the ability to establish what HAS happened and IS going on to form a basis of what can be expected to play out. 

This is where the RA spread comes in. As a replacement for the CC, it can show you what specific steps need to be taken to achieve a specific result, and it can be cast as a contingency spread, verifying options ahead of time to allow you to choose the best possible path forward. This is what we cover in today’s lesson. As always, thanks for being here, and let me know what YOU need help with. Comment, and if you feel like giving us a review (good or bad) I would appreciate that very much.

Direct download: Becky_private_lesson_episode_L2.mp3
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Hey guys, this episode is the first in a series I am doing while the new super-tarot site is being built. I am sitting down with a few private students and helping good readers become great readers. Today, Tanisia and I sat down and covered various parts of the reading that help you get more clarity and accuracy from your spreads. All of the material in today's lesson comes from my book Advanced Tarot Secrets.

Tanisia is a seasoned reader, root worker, and adept of metaphysics. We had a chance to cover specific techniques that make the difference between a good reading and a great one. Specifically, I highly recommend the four-pass reading technique, which includes patterns, blends, aspecting cards, hidden spreads, spread verification, card weight (how much of an influence one card is in a reading versus other cards; based on position, influence, support from other factors, and the client's situation), asking specific questions, and clarifying everything for your client during the wrap up phase. We didn't have time to cover every detail of this in today's call, but it is ALL covered in-depth in Advanced Tarot Secrets, available on Amazon,, and the book depository (if you live outside of the continental US they ship free: 

Be sure to take notes. Thanks for being here. We are here to help. Let me know what YOU need to master the cards in your hands.

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What the the best kept secret of the REAL professionals? I am talking about the people who charge $100-$300 an hour, and morenot people who slave away on a "psychic hotline" for 25 cents a minute, even though the boss is charging $3-$5 a minute (like I have in the past). Business cards. But how do you make a business card that actually WORKS? We learn that today. Leave a comment. Let me know what YOU want to learn more of. Thanks for being here :-) Dusty

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Part one of a three-part series: How to make real money reading the tarot. What you can expect out in the real world. Ish and I sat down and I talked about psychic hotlines, working privately, owning a shop, working at a shop, psychic fairs, and Craigslist. This is just the first part of a series--there simply is too much to go over in one podcast. Today we covered what to expect, how to get these jobs, and how much you can expect to make. Please leave a comment if you want more of this level of information. Thanks for listening :-)

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How to fine tune your tarot manifestations to get EXACTLY what you want. Powerful spells, manifestation that actually works, effective prayer: call if what you like, your ability to get "God" (angels, spirit guides, Loa, faerie friends . . .) to help you get what you want is critical to being more than a mundane human who plods through life by the sweat of their brow. Ish sat in on today's lesson on how to fine tune your tarot manifestations, to help you get EXACTLY what you want, not a "kinda/sorta" achievement of your goals.

Today's lesson is NOT on how to manifest (that would take a LOT longer than 30 minutes, and I have already covered a lot of ground in my free podcasts and webinars). Today's lesson is on a few key points that you need to know if you expect to actually get results in a short period of time. This is just scratching the surface of what I teach, so it goes by quick. Please take notes and leave a comment if you want more free lessons. Thanks for being here :-)

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Hey gang, I sat down with my private student, Ish, and we went over the process of predicting elections. Since we had so little time, we did not go into everything you need to know, but gave a lot of basic info. She did two example spreads and nailed them. (We will see if she is right soon!) There is a TON of stuff I need to teach you on this, but these techniques can be used in hundreds of high-paying cases and you can earn a fat living if you apply yourself and can build your accuracy to a decent level.

This was a taste of what you can do. Take notes, and we will have more later! Thanks for being here! :-)

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Hey gang, Today, one of my private students (Ish) joined me on the podcast for an hour as I explained how to verify the accuracy of every spread you cast. This has so many values that you should never EVER cast a spread without verifying the accuracy of it before you put your reputation on the line.

This information is taughtin depthin Advanced Tarot Secretsso you want to get a copy of that, but I went over the basic information today (for free). Take notes! Thanks for being here.

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Debbita is back! Debbi Matz and my absolute favoritest of favorites Deb Altman joined me today for a surprise bonus lesson, where we sat down and talked about divination and manifestation. We had fun and I hope that you do as well. A lot was covered and we shared real-life examples of how we did it and how it turned out. Great motivational lesson today. You CAN do this. Thanks for being here.

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Short podcast today. Very light material. A technical glitch ruined the first part so we had to start over. Beth Tippie and Becky sat in and we discussed a few items essential to making manifestation work. Important enough to put up, not thorough enough to call one of the best episodes. Thanks for being here.

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I had Becky on again, and we spoke for almost 90 minutes about the exact specifics you need to do to manifest practically anything you desire. Much more sedate and serene this time. We had a lot of fun covering techniques that actually work, and Becky gave a LOT of input on her real-life recent experiences. This is a "must-listen" episode and can help you take control of your life.

We mentioned The Easiest Way to Learn the TarotEVER!!, Advanced Tarot Secrets, and Aphrodite's Book of Secrets many times, but don't let you think that we are just trying to sell you something. We are here to help. We are here for you. "We show you how." Thanks for being here! :-)

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Holy crap I was on fire today! Rant, rant, rant! Nate sat in on today's lesson on manifestation. We covered two extremely important mental techniques that are the key difference between "wishing" and "getting." I ranted, I swore, I almost jumped up and down. This information is too valuable to ignore. I need you to listen to this episode at least twice (you will understand why after you have heard the entirety of it). We covered how to envision your goal so that your subconscious mind actually does everything that seminar gurus say that it will. This information comes from decades of research and decades of experience and success. If you were looking for a shortcut to making your magic or prayers work for you this is it. You need to understand the basics of how your mind works so that you can use your thoughts and emotions effectively, to get what you want when you want it. Ask me if you have ANY questions. Thanks for being here :-)

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Today we talked about the business of making money with the tarot.

This brought up the commonplace emails we all get, where someone who claims to be a psychic sends you out an email stating that they were "guided" to inform you of some huge change coming up in your life that only they could inform you of, and that it would only be $150. 

Then, when you ignore that email, you get anothera few weeks laterstating that she was "authorized" (from above obviously) to cut her fee in half, but only because it was so urgent that you get this message. We (you) have to rise above this level of nonsense. Scams, lies, and abusing our (your) clients is not only illegal and bad karma, it is bad for business, and it will keep you from ever getting higher paying clients--people who respect your abilities and input, and seek out the information you have.

Becky sat in today, and we yapped about when to start charging money for readings, and how to introduce our clients to the idea of paying us for our time, how much to charge, and what the going rates are. Please take notes. Thanks for being here.

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This is what you learn in tarot school (our tarot school). Super-advanced stuff, intelligently applied to real-life situations. I sat down with Nate and laid out specifically how to use your tarot cards for so much more than simple divination. All of this and more is in my second book "on the tarot: Advanced Tarot Secrets." This particular information is found in the back of that book.

We cover, step-by-step, how to brainstorm with the tarot, solve problems, and achieve anything you want in life. Full details are in Advanced Tarot Secrets, but this episode should get you started manifesting your dreams by understanding what paths and options are available to you. The tarot is useful for so much more than you will ever read about in books. Spend an hour with us (this lesson) and take a LOT of notes. It will change your life. Thanks for being here.

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**Double episode** Hey gang, Becky and I sat down and talked about the cards that are obviously staged: cards where it looks like the people are acting on a stage in front of a backdrop. Pamela Colman Smith was a set painter in theater (among other things) before being commissioned by Art Waite to print him a deck of cards.


We discussed why these came about and what it all means in the greater scheme of things. A lot of tarot history is lost, and the work done by Pam is no exception. In this episode we fill you in on what is known and what is speculative, and in the second half of the podcast we cover the most important skill any reader can have learning the tarot. Thanks for being here :-)

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