As promised, we finally actually finished the ending cards sessions for the Tarot cards. Does this mean it's the end of the end? No way.  We aren't going anywhere.

Today we discussed ending cards from both the major and minor arcana. We looked at what makes a card an ending card, how they effect a spread, as well as their differences and commonalities. This examination equips a reader to understand the closures each provides and make it applicable to the outcome of the spread.

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This podcast started out as a follow-up for ending cards. We wanted to go deeper into which cards fall in that category and how they are different. We did get into this lightly, but once we started started talking about the Death card, that's where we stayed!

The Death card is incredibly fascinating! This is one of those rare times we go so in depth for one card in the free podcasts. Be sure to take some notes!

Mandy, Sharon and I discussed some of the possible endings that the Death card could represent. There is some great insight here and much to help you understand this card that has been so misunderstood by social media.

We promise to get back on track next week with the rest of the ending cards, but there was just too much to say about the thirteenth Tarot card for us to squeeze it all in!

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This affects us all.

When Tarot readers, arms dealers, terrorists and travel agents have something in common, there’s a problem.

Even after being recognized by the highest of educational institutions, churches and the community, discrimination is still out there for the tarot reader! We’re even doing it to our own.

It’s time to lift each other up and build each other’s sense of self worth. There is NO abuse in the word tarot.

Join us at to find out how Mandy was able to overcome this issue on our forms. Until then, set your ego aside and listen in to find out what we can all do to avoid this problem starting today.

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Skwirl and Lesley discuss the elements of fire, earth, air and water associated the four suits in the Tarot. They look at the "traditional" book meanings; how they interpret each element; and how the multiple elements can be seen within a single card.

There is a complexity involved that only comes to life once you've spent quality time really getting to know each card. They even go through some examples of cards that contain several elements to show you how that complexity works.

Remember, everything you read in tarot books is just a guideline to help you interpret the actual image depicted in the card, and there are different viewpoints on which element is associated with a particular suit.

Don't get trapped by the key words of the elements! Learn how to view those elements as themes and how to recognize the other factors involved in each card.

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Aces are natural beginning cards. What other cards are considered beginning cards? Pages? Yes. Pages. What suit is considered a beginning? The Fool begins the Trumps but is it the only beginning in the Major Arcana? Does 8 come before 3? You think not? Listen today to the talk about this very important consideration when reading the cards.

Also...Ranty, ranty. Things to make you think from the old man. Us bookaholics may need this talk. Why it’s best to stick with one book, one deck and one teacher. How many decks do you have? Do you read with all of them? If we had only gotten this hard-won advice when we began, we’d have been better readers much earlier in life. Let us help make you a great reader without all of the years of trial and tribulations!

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The bleeding 3 of hearts! Why isn't the traditional meaning of the 3 of swords associated with water? It speaks so strongly of emotional disappointment! Why and how did the suits get associated with fire, earth, air and water? What does that even mean?

Mandy, Skwirl and I got together today to help understand these questions. With a little bit of history and some deep discussion on the imagery, we set out to help you figure out one of the most elementally confusing cards in the Tarot deck.

We hope this helps to clear some confusion! Thank you to Matt in the U.K. for bringing our attention to this topic! If you have any of your own questions that you would like addressed, don't hesitate to ask at or leave a question for us below!

Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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Have you noticed how many articles are in circulation lately about how Tarot readers and "psychics" are all scammers and con artists? Of course, every profession has some of those types of people in action, but the Tarot community has been under heavy attack for quite awhile.

One of the ways we can fight this bad publicity is to practice with morals and a code of ethics. Obviously, we aren't here to tell you what morals you should uphold, but in this podcast, Sally and Skwirl discuss some important guidelines you should consider.

The key points to help you here are how to establish and uphold your boundaries as a Tarot reader, when and how to say no, and much more! Stop jumping through hoops and setting yourself up for the bad reputation! Let's stand up to the media and show the world that there are real Tarot readers with true talent!

Thanks for being here!


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We've been working like fiends here at the academy! Here is another sneak peek at the work Mandy, Sally and Skwirl have been doing to bring you the card meaning podcasts. This week's peek is at the Ace of Swords.

They talk about what the images make them think and feel and how that relates to their interpretations. It is extremely important to get to know these cards and understand how to get information from them. Join them in their quest to help you unleash yourself from keywords!

Thanks for being here :-)

Dusty White

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Skwirl, Sally and Mandy talk with us today about the Ace of Pentacles. Is there a song in there? Is it always money we’re talking about when this card shows up in a spread? Why does the first card of the coins make me want to take a bubble bath? Listen in, have a few chuckles and find out!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at


Thanks for being here :-)


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Knights! The knights are here! Are they people? Are they only men? Where do we get to the meaning of the knights? How does using the knights as a rate of progress make sense and how can you see an attitude or the character of person with them?

In this episode, we talk about that and then cover a few other topics of interest.  What do the pros do when the reading isn’t going as smoothly as they’d like? What does your client feel about the process of getting a reading? We talk about engaging the client and allowing them to be interactive with the reading yet the importance of keeping control.

This podcast is packed full of information that you can use right away to enhance the quality of your tarot readings! Be sure to take notes! And let us know if there is anything you'd like us to talk about in future podcasts.

Thanks for being here :-)

P.S. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at!

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Reading the Tarot is not limited to keywords or images. Of course, you trust your intuition and read the image first, but there are themes beyond the core meanings of the cards. In today's episode, Mandy, Sharon and I talk about the theme of ending cards.

What makes an ending card? How do we know when it is an ending card? How do we know if it is being resisted or the ending is welcome? We go deep into all of these questions as well as what kinds of endings are represented.

Over the next few weeks, we'll be studying the underlying themes of the cards that you can use to enhance the quality and precision of your readings. These themes are written into the fabric of every day reality. Remember, this is not a tool to replace your card meanings, but a tool to introduce additional information to your awareness.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to type them in below!

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There are only 78 cards in a Tarot deck that need to describe the entirety of daily life! How can only 78 cards accurately and consistently do this?

Every single card has a story to tell. Over the next few weeks, we are going focus deeply on beginning, ending, and transition cards. We are going to help you identify these and learn to apply them over a series of podcasts that will make you stronger in your reading skills.

Don't forget, we have a free set of lessons at! If you'd like to join the academy for an even deeper understanding of the Tarot, the first month is $1! We'd love to learn with you.

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Court cards seem to be the most problematic cards for many Tarot students. Without proper training, it is difficult to tell the difference between the various images. Tarot readers end up getting stuck with keywords that severely limit their divination abilities.

This episode focuses on the Kings in the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. The problem with these four cards is that they are all men just sitting on thrones. There isn't much to differentiate between them. Or is there? Mandy, Sharon and I got together to show how to tell the kings apart, as well as how to interpret them as something other than your boss or your daddy.

We hope that this helps your development of looking into the card and seeing more than keywords! Please feel free to share any experiences you've had with interpreting the kings in the comments section below.

Thanks for being here :-)

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Sharon and I were discussing some of the Tarot forums available in today's social media and the surprising amount of "Tarot Trolls" that are out there. These are people that are so set in their opinions of what the Tarot should mean that they pollute the entire industry with their inability to be open to what the Tarot is meant to be. These "trolls" just shout down anyone with a difference of opinion and try to force feed the public with their own brand of poison. We talked about some of the "arguments" that this has led to. And yes, there really are forums out there that preach how you can't predict the future or give any advice with your readings! What exactly, do they think the Tarot is for?

Please feel free to leave some comments about your experiences with the Tarot Trolls. We are happy to hear from you!

If you have any questions, e-mail me at

Thanks for being here :-)

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One of the problems we have in the Tarot community is the perpetuated lie that we can "learn the Tarot by memorizing card meanings". It's time to stop that. Any time you have a visual component, you are going to have room for interpretation. That's what drives the Tarot!

To demonstrate this point, we examined The Modern Spellcaster's Tarot, created by Melanie Marquis and illustrated by Scott Murphy. We first compared them to the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, and then worked out how they could be interpreted in their own rights. If you would like to see the images we discussed, you can find the video on You-tube, but if you are driving or otherwise occupied, we describe each card for the theater of the mind.

This is a great exercise in understanding how each deck "speaks" to you in a different voice than any other. When you are reading with a different deck than you learn with, you have to read that deck's images, not try to force the meanings of the deck you learned with or memorized. Read the image not the book!

The web site we used to look at all the cards can be found at . This site has all of the images of over 400 decks! It is an invaluable tool for sharing spreads and studying Tarot cards. They are not affiliated with us, but we support them wholly.

Feel free to share your favorite decks in the comments section! Let us know how the art changes the meanings for you! We always enjoy hearing from our listeners.

Thank you for being here :-)

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Take a short walk with Dusty as he and Sharon discuss manifestation tips for making 2019 the year you want it to be.


it's a year to leap;
to write that action plan.
move forward fearlessly.

it's a year of reinvention;
make room for things
that matter.

invest in yourself:
physically, mentally,
and spiritually.

workout more.
care less.
hug more.
actually do what you want.

Thanks for being here :-)

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